Meeting Potential Business Partners Through Casual Hobbies

Meeting Potential Business Partners Through Casual Hobbies

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While simply playing a video game today I was with a group of people where because it is a mobile game you can play with people across the world. However, it is supposed to be social where you meet people in real life as it is based on real life locations with some point of interest such as a statue or famous building. So when mingling with some people today it was funny to see that everyone was just treating each other like normal people as we were all just having fun an d trying to conquer the challenges I the game.

There were some people I have never met before and it turns out that some of them were actually very well known in the specific industry that they work in. Most people who work in the same field would probably pay money to get their attention per se or maybe someone who is a fan of their work would love to meet them. Yet here we all are just playing this game being oblivious to all this.

I would imagine that is the attraction as well where everyone can just be themselves and not be treated differently. But it makes you think for perspective how people probably try all day attempting to get time with well known figures or even paying a lot of money at conventions to do so. Yet here it’s just a matter of having the same common hobbies which can result in that meeting.

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