Match Company Sued Over Addicted Dating App Design

Match Company Sued Over Addicted Dating App Design

Well this was an interesting read as the company Match, who owns platforms such as Tinder, is apparently being sued with an accusation that their app is designed to get people addicted into buying paid services to hopefully find an ideal partner versus solely focusing on matching couples to create a successful relationship. It seemed like the platforms were being compared to some casino gambling game as an example.

I personally never seen anyone I know meet on an online dating app while successfully say establishing a long-term relationship. But you can tell it’s big business. At the same time, I would always think that one thing you can’t really tell is if the people are actually real as I read a lot of stories of scammers and catfishes on dating apps that take advantage of people’s vulnerability in wanting to find the one.

I guess in that way it’s like playing a game or gambling as you never know if spending say money to contact people is actually producing a legitimate relationship seeker. It makes me curious what the boardroom business meetings are like in these companies considering the type of business they are in. Is It a bunch of people constantly trying to make more money or do they come from the angle of trying to improve success rate which in-turn should bring in more business?

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