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Is Marriage A Sign of Wealth And Status For The Rich Only

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Usually when you think of things like a marriage it would mean celebrating a couple’s love for one another as they venture into life together. So it was surprising reading this article that talked about how a person believed that he was ready to get married but what was stopping him was the fact that he didn’t feel he could afford it financially.

In one end I guess it is true as weddings can easily surpass $10,000 as an example to the point where people are making the choice to say invest that in a home or a celebration for a day. At the same time aren’t there different kinds of weddings and marriage celebrations to the point where it’s more about the person themselves are using it as a status symbol per se?

For example there are people that literally just get married with a simple wedding band at their house. That’s it as they decided that they would rather not spend so much money on the wedding itself. So in that sense I wouldn’t see it as something that is accessible to the rich only. To me this article feels more like it’s people feeling the social pressure to buy things that they can’t afford to give the perception of wealth and success.

I think that’s important to think about as the need to impress people with expensive things that one cannot afford is usually the culprit to creating debt. Doesn’t matter if it is dining out at expensive restaurants or in this case spending thousands on a lavish wedding that you can’t really afford. To me personally recognizing that it’s more about impressing others is actually an important mindset to have in terms of actually getting the things you need without out going into debt.

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