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Marijuana Becoming Legal In Canada Is Going To Be Interesting

Marijuana legal in canada

Well there was a lot of news today how on July 1, 2018 Canada is going to decriminalize marijuana where it will essentially be like alcohol or cigarettes. One of the interesting thing was how I read that each household is supposed to be able to have a maximum of four plants in their household.

I personally don’t smoke myself, but all this announcement truly makes me curious as to the type of businesses that people will try to create because of this and as well if a country can truly save money by decriminalizing this. I have often heard the argument that it takes a lot of police resources to handle these type of incidents where at the same time criminals are making money out of it. Instead this way the theory is you can lessen the financial burden on the system and at the same time the country can get taxes from it instead.

This is kind of a first for me to observe in terms of whether or not a big decision like this will actually make things better for a country as a whole. It is an interesting case study too I feel where you can easily translate this for even business related stuff where maybe too much regulation can often be counterproductive financially. I do wonder if people are going to start their own home based business too to grow stuff like cannabis now.

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