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Lifetime Subscription Attraction

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Today I was reading that the popular anti malware program called Malwarebytes is offering a lifetime license for its product for about $16.20 with the use of a coupon code. For those that don’t know, it is a program that gets rid of things like spyware from your computer. It’s actually very good as I recommend it to people many times to clean their computers..

The interesting that popped up to me about this was the whole notion that it was a “lifetime license” as in my head I just kept thinking about how it was a bargain in almost every way. For example, thinking how that is very little if you break it down in a year, how cheap it sounds compared to products where you do have to renew annually and so fourth.

The biggest twist in all this is that there is a free version that does a lot as it is and for the most part it would do people just fine. Again though, it seems like for many people the notion of it being a lifetime license makes people jump the gun in buying it as it sounds like a bargain. It makes you think too how many of these subscriptions a company would have to keep selling to stay afloat with those kinds of offer.

For those that are interested in the deal, you can get it at and be sure to use the following code:

Coupode Code: TYL-6NB-QG3

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