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Making Your Accomplishment The Top

I did find this semi strange over the past few days is in regards to the news media and the medals that Canada has won so far in the 2012 Olympic games. As evident it seems like Canada in terms of medals has mostly been winning bronze and the sentiment is that that it is a winter sports country here. What I did find funny in some ways was how there were all these news stories on how if people should treat bronze as the new gold.

While I guess I understand the psychology to it as I guess just like in say business you have to celebrate everything that you accomplish to develop positivity and momentum, it seems a little odd to change your way of thinking that your current accomplishment is the the highest, so to speak. Reminds me of the debate people have about schools with older kids where people are trained to think they can never fail at anything and when they enter the real world they aren’t ready to face the competition.

In my opinion, like in this case there should be no shame in getting a 3rd ranking in an event compared to the rest of the world. If anything too, in other scenarios it’s probably a good take away to learn what other people are doing to enable them to achieve various goals.

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