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Making Whatever You Want When There Are No Rules

I was reading today how it was the 25th anniversary of the game franchise Mortal Kombat where one of the interviews showed the creator saying how back then there were no rules and so they went ahead and made essentially an extremely violent video game. We all know how that turned out as even in modern day pop culture people often make references that seemed to be inspired by the game.

But in this scenario I was thinking how most people probably wouldn’t even dare to do something like that even though technically there is nothing that would prohibit one from doing so. Would you have dared to create something that violent as an example in that industry back then? It’s an interesting thought as we are often taught in business that you have to do something that makes you stand out. At the same time many of us are afraid to be different. Funny how that works huh?

As well if we are always taught to think outside of the box then realistically we shouldn’t be afraid to do stuff like this. Goes to show you in many ways that what stops us from doing things in many cases is ourselves huh? Of course you have to believe in what you are doing too. At the same time have you ever thought of how many ideas you have had where you are simply afraid to act on them even though you have the green light to go?

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