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Making Sudden Purchases For Your Business With Recreational Use As A Factor

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The other day I was thinking of spending some money for a couple of tools to make this presentation a lot better. The part that was holding me back a bit was how I really only at the moment would use it for this one project which made me think how that doesn’t sound very wise financially. So should I spend like one hundred dollars for it? In the end I did and it made the final output extremely good to the point where I would say it was well worth the investment. As well, I now have it for any other future work as well.

The way I justified taking the “risk” to spend money on this was that I could see myself using this a lot for business reasons where even for personal projects it can be very useful to help speed up the work time. So my mindset in these cases many times is even if I specifically bought it for business purposes, if I can use it for personal projects or for recreation purposes then that furthers the reason that I won’t be just wasting money on one thing.

I know many times for these types of purposes people would often want to accumulate a ton of projects to justify a resource or tools purchase. I find this is a good habit to procrastinate on just buying lower quality consumer tools, if that’s what you want to say, too where in many ways I am using my work and recreation funds together to get the best item for both scenarios. Example, saving enough money to buy a really good computer to be used for both business and personal use.

I find if I ever need to buy something all of a sudden that costs a fair amount this is a good compromise to make a good investment where if It can benefit me in both aspects of my life then it only makes sense to do so in many ways.

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