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Making Release Dates Earlier For Some To Encourage More Sales

I have been noticing recently that for a lot of launches when it comes to anticipated items companies of course want a lot of people to pre-order their products or services usually as it of course guarantees sales that way to a certain extent. In many cases pre-ordering just means that you guarantee yourself a copy. However, what I noticed is that many companies are now giving people who pre-order the items a day or two ahead of time to get the product compared to the general public.

From the looks of it this method works too as everyone seems to have an elite mentality this way where it’s like they are getting something the majority is not. Kind of interesting as you may think you need to offer for example a limited edition collector’s item to do so when something as simple as this works as well. I guess in the end it is more about trying to make people feel that they are in a class of their own.

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