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Making It Yourself To Really Know What You Are Getting


I personally like raw juicing a lot as I find it’s a great lifestyle habit to get my veggies and all in my diet. One thing that I find tedious at times is the clean up where if someone offered a good solution to that then I would be fully willing to invest in it. The time I would save would pay for itself. Now recently there was this product called a Juicero which seemed great as all you did was push a button to make the juice and you never have to clean it.

The drawback was that you had to specifically buy their pre-packed products were bags of ingredients such as carrots. So with that said the product didn’t sound appealing to me anymore. But that didn’t stop a ton of people from buying it. Then apparently the CEO of the company released this video that showed what was in the bag:

This raised a lot of controversy as people were saying these bags pretty much had the products juiced already in many ways where squeezing it with your hands would get similar results. This of course got a lot of people to call it a waste of money and in many ways misleading.

Funny enough, not knowing exactly how long the product has been in the bag and all was one of the reasons that swayed me off from the product. Because if the whole point of doing this is to get “fresh” juice then I think the only way to really know that is to actually make the stuff yourself in the sense of using fresh vegetables and all. Especially if you are spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of machinery like this you should want to know exactly what you are getting.

Kind of shows in many ways how it is easy to buy things emotionally where the item may not be what you think it is.

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