Making Just Enough Food For The Day or Not
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Making Just Enough Food For The Day or Not

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Everyone would agree that preparing your own meals is a lot cheaper than dining out and is in many ways a necessity if you need to save a lot of money. You can usually buy almost a week’s worth of groceries for one person just from the bill in dining out for dinner at a standard restaurant as an example. What got me thinking though was a person today telling me that today she was planning to eat takeout.

I then mentioned how it can be fun to just cook your own stuff since it’s a nice day and all and then you said how she was having leftovers so it just needed to be reheated. That’s when I learned that when she orders takeout she actually orders a lot more than she needs for that one day so that she can save some for the next day. The first thing I thought was how the taste must be a lot worst saving it for the next day. Wouldn’t it be better to just order how much you need to eat during that time?

I usually do that when preparing my own meals as well where I try and make what I plan to consume for the day. So at most if I had leftovers it would be leftovers from lunch that IU would eat during dinner time. That’s just what I have always been used to where I would imagine you save money by not being potentially wasteful and you are eating things fresh frequently.

The freshness alone can save money in the sense of the food can taste so much better without the need to add so many seasoning and all. It almost makes me wonder if my habit is unusual in this regards.

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