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Making Up Your Own Bonuses And Rewards For Your Hard Work

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I was thinking as it is the Christmas shopping season a lot of people often talk about getting bonuses of sort from work since many companies do that during the holidays. It can be a good way to motivate people to work harder as well knowing there are some extra incentives to do so. It made me wonder do you ever do this if you are a self-employed entrepreneur?

People often say that whenever you are doing something that requires a lot of time and dedication that you shouldn’t forget to treat yourself too whether it be taking time off or simply splurging. So do you actually implement a reward system of sorts for yourself? I can’t say that I have personally as usually I find my reward is more about if I am consistent in trying to get better results then the reward should be I have the flexibility to in a sense manage my time the way I desire.

I can’t say I have ever had a system where it’s like if I did good in saving money then by the end of the year I will go on a vacation abroad or something like that. I suppose a big reason for that is I enjoy what I do where it doesn’t feel like I want to get away from it like how a lot would feel. If there is anything in terms of a reward it’s being able to buy say high ticketed items that I think would be a great investment for my future. Having that in mind always helps to reinforce that it’s good to work hard and smart.

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