Making An Effort To Explore Different Solutions

Making An Effort To Explore Different Solutions

For one project this year I decided to try and do some adjustments to keep things more modern day as I have neglected to do so the previous year as I didn’t feel the need to since everything was working still. What happened was I ended up investing way more time than expected in it but eventually I established a new template of sort that will enable me to process everything as before time-wise expect now with updated features.

It’s just so easy to get spoiled in following the exact same template and by not trying to at least explore the idea of changing it you could be doing a disservice to yourself as you may be overlooking modern day features and benefits by applying certain applications and techniques. It reminds me of eating food where people say an orange is great for Vitamin C. Yet apparently a red pepper offers way more. So imagine sticking to a routine of eating oranges just for that where there could be better ways to get the vitamins you need.

People often say innovate or die. It might not be that extreme by sticking to the same stuff, but you could be getting more for doing the same by being open to other solutions.

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