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The Main Theme In 2014

Last day of 2014 and today I was thinking what the main theme was for me this year when it came to things revolving around money and finance. In an interesting way, I think the main theme was if you go with the flow in life everything falls into place. It’s kind of strange as there were many things such as opportunities that came up by simply doing what seemed to be giving me the less resistant as opposed to trying to fight the negative. Or at the same time, when something trivial happened all of a sudden some kind of support kicked in to balance it.

There was even another story a friend told me how he lost his job yet to him it didn’t phase him. Sure enough, life just threw him another opportunity which happened to be exactly what he always wanted. It kind of showed that sometimes over analyzing and wondering why certain things happen or how you can prevent it from occurring isn’t as productive as accepting the mindset that things happen to help you reach your goals. We can spend time questioning why this way or instead just say “Okay, what’s next?”

I am really looking forward to 2015 personally. I will probably try this going with the flow direction a little more as in many ways it’s scary but sensible. Have a safe new year’s eve everyone.

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