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Is A Made In China Label Not As Significant Now

yi 4k

I was reading recently about this new action camera called the Xiaomi Yi 4K which is supposed to go head on with a GoPro Hero 4. From what I read many people are saying that they feel the Yi 4K is better than the GoPro in almost every way. As well, it definitely costs way less money. Absent in these debates usually that I noticed is how the manufacturer is from China. Usually in the past people would associate any product made in China as extremely bad by default. So are people passed this phase now?

When I think about it personally so many product actually come from foreign countries like China one way or another it seems nowadays. So in that sense I think more people are simply comparing things like specs and build quality as is. I noticed personally that things which are “Made in China” often still have a premium price of sorts on it depending on the item. Drones are a good example of this I think.

Some of the justification I heard too for not caring as much is that many people feel the larger companies here are simply price gouging people with brand marketing in many ways. So in that sense people don’t care as much. I would say things like food is a completely different story as most people I talk to here are still skeptical about consuming food that is made in China. I suppose at the end of the day people just want the best value of course.

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