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If You Lost The Ability To Generate A Very Small Amount of Income From Youtube

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about YouTube making some new rules as to who can join its monetization programs where as a result thousands of people will now be unable to do so. Not too long ago there was an advertiser boycott of sorts as a result of companies being worried about what kind of videos their ads were being placed on. YouTube’s reaction to this at first was to do things such as making the standards of joining the program harder such as requiring people to have 10,000 views.

Recently though there was even more controversy such as a well-known YouTuber named Jake Paul who decided to show a dead body in his video. While this may not be directly related YouTube recently released an even stricter guideline saying that people now must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewed content within 12 months. As a result this pretty much eliminates thousands of people who don’t meet that threshold.

There was one point I constantly heard where people who fall into that category on average made maybe $20 a year or so if they were lucky. Therefore it should even be a big deal. People were then saying how if you really wanted to make money on that platform there are so many better ways. For example, if you only had thirty people who were willing to donate to you $1 that is way more than you would have ever made with that program.

But overall to me it shows the importance of diversify and not trying to rely on one source. People often say you should start a business because you could lose a job just like that. I think that sentiment is the same in a business environment when it comes to income sources.

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