Losing Money By Paying With Cash
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Losing Money By Paying With Cash

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It’s no surprise for myself that I have often said that if you can use your credit card to make everyday purchases while paying the whole monthly bill at once you should because most credit cards give you some kind of reward for using the card. A lot of financial advice I often hear though is that you should never use it as it encourages over spending which I personally don’t agree with.

But the other day I was thinking how here at least there are no more pennies. So when you pay with cash I notice nowadays many people can actually lose money because the merchant doesn’t have change to give back. For example, a purchase where your change is supposed to be 1 cent and the merchant actually ends up just keeping it because they don’t have pennies to give.

You could argue that is only one cent but I can imagine that adds up. Plus isn’t that even more incentive to use things like a credit card responsibly? I am inclined to say sooner or later we are going completely cashless as well. So if the reason to not use it is just the bad habit of overspending maybe even getting a credit card with very little credit limit can even be good too. You have to start training yourself not to use cash eventually.

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