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Losing or Gaining Opportunities Over A Prediction or Forecast

Sunny drone shot

Yesterday there was a heck of a lot of snow as a result of the snow storm where a ton of companies and schools were shutting down for today just in case it gets worst. In my mind for today though it was “business as usual” where I still went about with my regular day while being prepared just in case the forecast was wrong. In the morning it definitely was pouring rain where it didn’t seem like I would be able to do any kind of outdoor activity.

As the day went by though funny enough the sun kind of came out in full force. All of a sudden that opened up so much opportunities for me to take advantage of such as getting to fly the drone for more practice and getting some wonderful shots. I was thinking how if I just read all these predictions for the day and treated it as set in stone I would have probably left a ton of gear at home. As a result I would have missed this opportunity.

I feel that is always important to remember whenever you are listening to advice and predictions from others. While the information is highly educated where odds are it is accurate there are chances that one could be wrong. So you should often be prepared for that. Who knows what kind of opportunities could just drop by in your day? People often say luck is preparation meets opportunity. With this example today I sure agree with that.

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