Losing All Your Money By Trusting Too Much
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Losing All Your Money By Trusting Too Much

The other day a person was telling me how they were approached by an individual with whom they are related with where every time the person goes up to them it’s usually because they want something such as money. Sure enough, it was no different this time. The odd thing as well is that they know the person has a history of misleading others in order to get money from others. But despite that they still give benefit of the doubt.

They were warned of course and long story short, after agreeing to help them they discovered they were indeed not being truthful and so they withdrew their support. Even for myself in life the only real time where I lost a ton of money was constantly trusting people that seemed to have a record of taking money from others as you constantly give them the benefit of the doubt.

In some ways I think this is just as important of an area to become wiser in when it comes to managing money as opposed to jus making and saving money. Because often we would like to think everyone is like ourselves when it comes to trying to be helpful and that’s what many people take advantage of as their way of life.

That’s probably not something you think about early on as you would imagine losing your money would be in categories such as overspending or bad investments. But blind trust in those you have some kind of relationship with can be pretty volatile to your financial well being.

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