Looking Forward To 2021
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Looking Forward To 2021

Today is new year’s eve and for myself I am actually looking forward to the upcoming year in the sense of I see some potentially good opportunities to be a part of. This is versus just wanting the year to end as most people see 2020 as one of the worst year’s in their life. Fortunately for myself having a tech background made transitioning and adapting to various workflows a lot easier.

My hope is that everyone at least used the time this year to prepare just in case there is a repeat of things like the shutdowns. That could range from getting the appropriate resources to work remotely or having alternative types of work available for you to do if your industry isn’t recovering in a desirable fashion. I took the time to try and learn about how others are handling the situation which was very enlightening I thought. Especially if it is within fields that you aren’t knowledgeable of.

But all in all, bring on 2021. I actually feel more motivated to try new things as well. Like every year, you can’t say for certain what will happen, you just need to be ready and eager to work through the challenges.

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