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Looking For Your Old Equipment

I was looking for an audio cord the other day and I am pretty sure I have one laying around somewhere. I basically wanted to test out a connection from my monitor to my desktop speakers. However, I couldn’t find it immediately and one thing that crossed my mind was instead of looking around for it maybe I should just buy a new one. I know many people would opt to do that and as a result this is usually how we end up with so many pairs of the same item.

While I am usually pretty good in holding myself back in cases like this, I really needed to know if my setup would work or not for an upcoming project and so I ended up going to the dollar store and buying one for like $2. The dirty feeling of spending money on something extra that you know must be laying around somewhere. It’s almost a sin that the thing is cheap too as I am sure if it costs like $1000 there is no way I would say may as well just get a new one.

On a different note, I have no idea how dollar stores can call themselves that anymore either as it doesn’t seem like anything inside is actually $1.

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