Looking For Lowest Price Guarantees
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Looking For Lowest Price Guarantees

One thing that a lot of people do, especially during this time of the year, is taking advantage of price matching guarantees that companies offer. While many simply agree to match the prices of its competitor’s prices if you find it cheaper, others are willing to give you an extra discount such as an extra 10% off the difference to the competing price.

Essentially, if someone sees one store selling this product for $199.99 and a different store selling it for $250, they will actually go to the $250 store and attempt to get a price match plus the bonus guarantee. Hence, they save even more money. Now usually a big stipulation is that these guarantees only apply as long as the item isn’t being sold in a clearance or limited quantity way.

At the same time, for a lot of stores the extra savings only apply if you have already bought the item and are now bringing back the receipt to get a price adjustment. However, from my experience most stores that offer a bonus simply give it to you anyways. It’s definitely a great way to save even more for the shopping season.

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