Long Term Investments When You Are In Debt
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Long Term Investments When You Are In Debt

I was reading a piece of news recently that in the US they are planning to introduce coins to replace things like the dollar bill as they last longer which means less bills having to be printed and in the long term being able to save a lot of money. Of course this is one of those examples of something where you would pay more in the beginning and slowly the savings will be noticeable as time goes by.

I was just thinking that in this example it would probably take a while to realize the savings. As well, I was thinking how if I had that massive amount of debt if I would go with that route such as borrowing money to create something where I wouldn’t see savings until say ten years from now. I would imagine my debt would continue to climb so high with the interest that I will never see any saving in the overall picture.

Of course I guess with the above example a country doesn’t pay interest to like tax payers so it is not as relevant. Even personally I would probably opt to cut things that I am over spending on first as opposed to trying to spend more money to try and invent something new if you won’t see returns for that long assuming you are in a crisis situation. At most though, I would make sure that funding that new investment would be a result of say rearranging your funds to focus more on it so that you aren’t technically spending more.

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