Loblaws Deal Offer Prices Worst Than Sales Prices
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Loblaws Deal Offer Prices Worst Than Sales Prices

This happens sometimes where whenever I shop at various stores owned by Loblaws it seems like PC points offers are actually more expensive than going to one of their stores. Why this got me thinking is how recently you heard the uproar about the company’s price freezing announcement for no name products which people didn’t think was much. In these example, to my knowledge these are Loblaws specific brand products.

The first example was for an offer where you can buy 300g of PC gold chocolate for $4.99 at Superstore with its app. Sounded like a decent deal right? But just walking around its other stores like Shopper’s Drug Mart you can see they were having it on sale for $3.99. That is a pretty substantial difference.

In the same kind of comparison, the app said you could buy about 1.9 Litres of PC or Blue menu vegetable cocktail for $2.89 only to see that another store was selling it for $2.79. Not as big of a difference like the previous example, but it’s still more expensive

That kind of make you think where the criticism was people didn’t think they were really offering much as in these examples to me it would show it’s just business as an example to try and make as much money as possible. Nothing wrong with that per se. But I guess it doesn’t help with the image perception they were trying to convey about freezing prices out of say kindness and understanding of people’s financial situations huh? Like here, consistency would have probably been better in terms of offering everyone the same best deal if image perception was the main goal.

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