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Seems like every news publication and medium that I am reading now has some kind of headline relating to the Terri Schiavo ordeal. For those who don’t know, it’s about a women who has been living for over a decade in a “vegetable” state due to a cardiac arrest. She is unable to take care of herself, has been living through a feeding tube and has yet to regain full consciousness.

Long story short, the husband feels that the feeding tube should be removed as he mentions how she wouldn’t of wanted to live life like this while others feel differently. The situation has become such a media frenzy that even various individuals of congress are getting involved in the situation. Although I’m sure that there are people on both sides of the fence who could debate back and fourth until the cows come home on what’s the right thing to do, it’s unfortunate that she did not have a living will to clearly state what she would of wanted should such a thing happen.

I remember when I was very young my parents decided to take a vacation by themselves, guess I was just a bit too much to handle, and so I was left with one of their good friends. In the midst of it, they told me how they were writing a will before they left incase anything happened. At the time I thought it was weird as they explained that without one the government would be the one to decide where everything they owned would go. I would of assumed that it would automatically go directly to immediate family members. Ever since then, I took things like this more seriously. After seeing all this fiasco surrounding the Terri Schiavo situation, I hope more people will start to create their own wills so that everyone knows exactly what you would want to do should something happen to you.

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