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Living On $1.75 A Day Food Budget

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Today I watched a segment about a site called where essentially people are trying to live on a mere budget of $1.75 a day as a way to create awareness about people who live in extreme poverty. From what I gather they try to challenge people to do this for about five days which means your total would be about $8.75.

While that sounds pretty extreme, I was thinking to myself for those people that are doing the challenge for longer than five days on why they aren’t opting to invest in like a plant that grows fruits or vegetables. For example, it seems like everyone is more caught up in trying to find the best deals from stores when growing the items yourself can be pretty straight forward and it will save you a ton of money. I remember for example my parents had these small plants in the backyard that grew cherry tomatoes and those things grew so darn fast.

I guess you could argue that for some plants they take weeks to grow anything which doesn’t do much good if you need the food today, but I guess like money it’s about investing in something that gives you constant returns on your investment. Like for those cherry tomatoes I believe buying a small pack of them would cost you around $2 to $3. If you bought one like every five days it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in like seeds or something where eventually your plant will start producing the tomatoes and you can start saving the $3 a week.

Ultimately I think the big takeaway in situations like this when it comes to food is that if you are on an extreme budget then one key is to find ways to take your dependency off a business as much as possible. I always saw things like going to a grocery store as essentially you paying for the convenience as opposed to it being the main way you must do things. Same thing when it comes to say hiring a professional in a lot of cases. It’s not that you have to necessarily use them but rather you are paying them for the convenience and efficiency of you not having to immensely study about a topic yourself.

Either way, interesting concept that if anything it should make you think that if you are one to always say you have no money for food maybe it’s time t see how others can do it with such a miniscule budget.

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