Literally Fighting For Money And Exposure
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Literally Fighting For Money And Exposure

Apparently, there was this boxing match recently of two people who go by the alias of WingsofRedemption and Boogie2988. Both of them were highly successful in creating videos for YouTube in its early days but has been on a downward spiral ever since. On top of that, they are both overweight and it would appear someone had an idea to get them have a boxing match. AS it turned out, they agreed as I would imagine money played a big factor.

The fight was free to watch and it was kind of what you expected from untrained fighters and all. But of course the fight was more about the premise of two overweight individuals who have a dislike for each other going at it. It makes me wonder, would you ever accept these kinds of offers just for money to help you get out of a rut? I know most people would say know but at the same time a lot of people do things that are way worse such as literally selling drugs to try and help themselves get out of a bad situation that they then turn around.

Or another common story you hear is people doing porn just for financial reasons temporarily to again help them to get out of a bad financial situation. Is fighting in a sanctioned match something you would do with these types of circumstances?

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