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Limousine Instead of A Taxi

Well this caught me off guard. This guy was telling me today that his friends and himself needed a ride and so they decided to phone for a limousine company to pick them up. What immediately ran across my head was how that must cost a lot and seems to be such a waste of money. He then responded by saying that renting the limousine was actually cheaper then taking a regular taxi.

He broke it down by saying there were six of them and commuting wise it would probably take about 50 minutes. To rent the limousine for one hour was about one hundred dollars he said. Compare that to a taxi where he said the bill would be well over $100. So not only is the limo cheaper but it is more spacious for the whole group.

It actually made sense in almost every way financially. I was then semi joking that it is probably better to ride a limo to an airport as oppose to using a taxi.

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