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Limiting Your Spending or Not Even If You Can Afford It

This week I made rather large purchases which is definitely not my regular spending pattern. This is a result of buying items like new furniture. While they weren’t necessary per se, I decided that since I worked very hard last week on a project and earned a lot from it that I would get some items to make my life more comfortable and productive. This means my credit card bill is going to be in the thousand range this month. However, financially that is perfectly fine as I will still be paying it off in full as always.

That did make me wonder if financially in these cases you should be restricting yourself to a certain budget even if you can afford it. Since this isn’t a 100% necessary purchase as an example, would that mean if normally you budget $300 of month for non-necessity purchases that regardless if you had more income coming in that you should still stick to that budget? For my personal case I would be inclined to say no as I feel I am super disciplined as it is and I wouldn’t even fathom about making sudden high purchases without some kind of planning ahead of time income wise. Basically I either saved up for it or I brought in more than usual to compensate for it.

In some ways I feel that you have to reward yourself as well. Otherwise it kind of takes the fun away in regards to making good financial decisions. If you are in debt then that is a different story and is probably more debatable. I would be inclined to say you need to pay off the debt first, which means sticking to your budget, but I am sure there are people who believe otherwise. I suppose the generally speaking it’s okay to spoil yourself at times as long as you are certain it would impact you negatively in the long run.

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