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Limited Quantity Sale Limits

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A person was telling me today that she saw this great deal for some canned salmon at about 50 cents a can and the stipulation was that it was limited to twelve per customer. While she didn’t buy twelve of them, I was just thinking how most of the time people simply ignore these types of signs with the staff not caring to remember who you were.

The only times I can say where this is consistently enforced is when it comes to big ticket items like say the iPhone when it first came out. I personally don’t usually go on a spree in these cases but rather what I do like about them is that it gives me a better idea on the general cost of the item to make me more aware on what is too much if I see it at a regular price from a different merchant.

Granted sometimes limited quantity sales actually means that the business is taking a loss in selling it too and so they don’t want the same person buying the whole inventory. But just like ordering dessert from a restaurant, knowing how little it can cost compared to what they charge you tends to make me sway away unless I see a good deal.

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