Less Commuting Factor

Less Commuting Factor

Today a lady was telling me that she was looking for a new job as I guess you can say it’s one of those career changing mindset that most people go through at one point or another. The interesting thing was how the first point she brought up was that in her current work it requires her to drive for about an hour and a half and so less communicating would definitely have to be a factor as in her mind that is relative to how much net pay she gets.

I don’t think we factor that in enough at times if you are working at a job for money as many times people simply want to work at something that has a big name where it could end up as if they are working for a paper route wage. If you are doing it for experience that is different of course. I did meet a person before who made less than $20K a year yet it seemed like he was just as well off as a guy that made double or three times as much as him. One factor he mentioned was that his home was literally right next to the company and so the convenience of never having to dine out or spend commuting money definitely added up.

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