Leaving Your Inheritance With A Legacy or A Lot of Money
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Leaving Your Inheritance With A Legacy or A Lot of Money

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So yesterday was that widely talked about Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather boxing match where at the end it disappointed a lot of people as the fight ended without a knockout and no winner since it was an exhibition match. Both of them seemed happy about the event overall themselves which made people wonder who loss and gained overall with this event?

During the press release there seemed to be parts where Mayweather addressed comments how this event hurt his legacy and reputation overall. His remark was interesting as he was expressing that at the end of the day a legacy doesn’t say buy a house or provide for his family for years to come. So in that sense it seems like ultimately the financial factors are very important in the end.

Although from the sounds of it he obviously recognizes that one must maintain an image of sort in order to be able to generate those million-dollar contracts as an example. There is no doubt that he factored everything in ahead of time such as how much this would potentially affect his health or other worst case scenarios where in the end it makes sense.

But I guess it brings up that point where on one end we are told to never focus on money which is indeed true while at the same time the other end can be as well. With this example though would you rather leave your loved ones with a fantastic legacy or generations of financial stability?

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