Learning To Save Money Through Less Food Waste
Financial Management

Learning To Save Money Through Less Food Waste

One of the things I saw my parents do as I grew up was that when it came to food they always tried to use every part of the meat or produce as they never wanted to just waste anything. For example, many people would buy a chicken and just take the meat while throwing all the bones away. However, my mom would save them and then use it to make things like soup.

The more I think about it little habits like these encouraged me to be responsible with money in the sense of not wanting to waste it. As well, trying to get the most out of each dollar. Often people would say the key to learning financial literacy would be to open a savings account and make it grow. While that is a key way to do it, it’s all the other indirect items like with the food example that teach you to carry those same principles to other things.

It should just be about crunching numbers. Learning to be resourceful is probably just as important in the end as you make it a lifestyle habit. Besides, you literally do save money by trying to use up everything.

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