Learning To Make Things Work Without Spending More
Financial Management

Learning To Make Things Work Without Spending More

The other day I got a phone call from a person who was having issues exporting their video files as the final video seemed to always produce these odd lag moments as if you are watching a video that is jumpy because of a bad connection. Based on some quick analysis I concluded that it was due to his computer simply not having the power to render the file properly.

That’s when he expressed frustration that he needed a new computer but of course that costs a lot of money. I had a good idea on how he could solve the issue though where knowing it’s a computer hardware issue in terms of power I suggested to him that he export the file in an uncompressed format as that requires less power. Sure enough, he did that and the video file played perfectly. Afterwards, he was able to upload it to various sites and everything looked good.

It makes you think as in this case while it is not the ideal situation to use say slow hardware, imagine if he had unlimited funds. Most likely he would have just bought the new computer without ever trying to get the most of what he has as an example correct? Learning how to maximize your resources should be an important part of managing money I feel. It’s just funny how you tend to have to be in a position with no money in order to force yourself to learn that.

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