Kids Actually Wanting Healthy Foods
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Kids Actually Wanting Healthy Foods

This was kind of funny to see today where a person was looking after a child and they prepared for it by purchasing a lot of snacks. They were the usual things you would think that a child would enjoy such as cookies. But when it came to the day and the child was asked what he wanted out of all the choices he didn’t seem very excited. Because of that the person asked what he wanted and he actually said “something healthy”.

Imagine that. Makes you wonder if a lot of the cartoons as an example are encouraging kids to eat healthier. It kind of makes you think too in terms of trends as simply basing things on what we knew as a child could potentially make you outdated as to how things really are nowadays. I guess my one example of a child actually asking for healthier stuff is not too long ago a child actually asked me if I could make him raw juice as he likes healthy stuff. Like there you would think they would ask for a soda instead or something like that.

Something to think about before shopping for all those snacks just to find out that’s not what people want anymore. The safest way is to ask first too huh? Although I haven’t personally ever met a child that would want to eat say raw broccoli over a potato chip yet.

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