Just Packaging Stuff Together To Sell

Just Packaging Stuff Together To Sell

This got me thinking as today I decided to open that smores kit that I purchased on sale for about $1.49 during that save on foods special as usually these would be over eight dollars each. I never bought these before and didn’t know what to expect. My original assumption was that there would be say twenty little packages in the box with each of them being one smore that you can warm up. However, when I opened the box it literally contained packages of individual items that you could normally get at the store.

There was literally a package of marshmallows, graham crackers and one bar of chocolate. Funny enough, that bar of chocolate was the exact brand and type that was on sale for $1.49 in one of its previous sales that I talked about. So that added to the fact that this was a great value, but it made me think how marked up the price was on a regular day as you could buy the items individually for so much cheaper normally. All this because they packaged it for you?

I know a lot of product are often like this such as that cereal “Holy Crap” where it is simply a mix of various seeds and other stuff. There is no cooking or anything to it as they just package it all in a bag fundamentally while charging you a fee for it. Like there it is a lot cheaper to just buy the items and make your own batch. But it shows you can make a business by simply putting stuff together for people in one package.

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