Just Needing A Third Party
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Just Needing A Third Party

I was watching this interesting bit where there were a group of people who were struggling with money as it seemed like they were compulsive spenders. Of course their friends and family members tried to help but it seemed like nothing was getting through. Some of the tactics were pretty interesting I thought such as trying to yell at the person as if it was an army or simply having someone follow them daily to make sure they don’t spend recklessly.

The funny solution that finally got around was that they got a third party person involved who simply heard the story and the person knew that other people know now. Apparently that in itself was a pretty strong factor as I guess it is like putting someone on TV where it feels like thousands of people are watching your bad habits. I actually don’t doubt that would work too. Heck, some people have gotten out of debt by simply writing about their money problems publicly as it is a way to keep themselves accountable where you have a lot of outside people ready to judge you, so to speak.

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