Just Giving Money In Full Blind Trust That Something Good Will Be Created

Just Giving Money In Full Blind Trust That Something Good Will Be Created

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So I was reading this interesting story of a fairly old viral video which was used to promote Nike and its products. I actually never seen it before during its time when it actually came out. But what got me interested was hearing the story behind the creation of the video. From what I gathered they hired a filmmaker / Vlogger named Casey Neistat to create a commercial for them where they essentially just gave him a ton of money to create something.

This was the funny part as Neistat was explaining how when he got the money it was so much that he literally just decided to travel to a bunch of places. In many ways he literally treated it like a vacation and it wasn’t until the deadline got really close when he started to worry a little in actually having a finished product. But I the end it turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns for the company.

These stories always fascinate me as it goes against the traditional ways of doing things where you always need a plan while worrying a lot about the future. Instead here it’s like the complete opposite both from the company and creator’s position. It kind of shows the importance of just finding the right stuff to put your money into huh? In that sense it is kind of funny to worry about it too as I would imagine if you are giving someone a ton of money then the trade-off is you shouldn’t have to worry either.

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