Just Following iPhone Repair Instructions To Save Money
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Just Following iPhone Repair Instructions To Save Money

While I don’t use an iPhone usually, a person was having trouble with theirs and asked me if I could help them as a shop wanted to charge about $150 just to reset the whole phone to get it working again as if it was brand new. I was thinking, $150 just to wipe the device without any extra service such as backing it up ahead of time? Because of that, I offered to help.

All I did at first was go to official site to learn about the company’s process in backing up data such as using its iTunes software. Afterwards, I simply reset the phone as instructed where the process itself was automated for the most part. Sure enough, I did the same work the store would have done in minute and saved them a lot of money. It makes you think how there are a lot of businesses like these where they simply follow the same resources that are available to you.

I remember seeing a cell phone repair shop at a mall kiosk where in order to replace a screen for a phone the person had to open the phone of course. But it didn’t seem like he had ever done it before for that model and as a result he was actually just watching a YouTube tutorial video and followed the steps to repair it. Granted his experience in repairing phones helps, it does show how with a little knowledge of the topic you could pretty much do the work yourself and save a lot of money. I find it interesting too as you are essentially learning new skills at the same time with real hands on experience. Like here, I guess I now know how to factory reset an iPhone.

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