Having The Ability To Manually Run Your Business

Having The Ability To Manually Run Your Business

Today there was news that a large retail store called London Drugs that pretty much had all its stores here in the west closed due to some kind of technical difficulty. While it is not too clear what happened, the rumbling that is going online is that they were a victim of some kind of cyber attack. Unconfirmed of course. But you can imagine with a business that relies so much on computers and digital tech in general to run the operation you pretty much can’t do anything when the system is down.

I highly doubt most businesses nowadays have all of the old school machines and paper material to process orders by hand as an example so there isn’t a backup in the event something like this happens. It makes you wonder can you have a backup that will enable you to keep the business running in this case even it is only accepting cash orders?

Have the resources are one thing. Having trained staff to being to use all the non modern-day tech equipment is another. I would think for most businesses this wouldn’t be an ideal investment as they would assume it would probably cost more in their minds than the one day they will be down. But it’s another example to the drawback of just being purely digital I guess too.

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