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Just Being The First

I was reading an interesting article about how some people that make a lot of money through an opportunity simply did it by being the first one to promote it. I saw examples with people that signed up for virtually every online affiliate account you can think. While they may not have been the best marketer, just the fact that they were first gave them the bulk of the market exposure.

It’s like breaking news in a way too I guess you can say. If you are the first one to report it then most likely everyone will reference you when they tell the story to others. Or in the case of a business everyone will think of you first. One of those times where a do first think later mentality can work for the better.

A lot of people are intimidated by being the first to venture or publish something, but after awhile it becomes kind of fun and actually challenges you to do more I’d say as you don’t want to be like just anyone else.

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