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Doing A Job For Someone Else Without An Incentive

Recently I heard of a situation where recruiter of sorts was in need of various people but they were having difficulty in doing so. As usual one would normally then start to ask everyone they know to try and refer people as well. I was thinking as in this case the person didn’t offer any incentive to do so even though technically one would be doing the job for them. Would you expect some kind of compensation for it?

It’s one thing if you were say friends as people do favors for each other all the time. But in this case where one is asking people who they don’t know do you think one should? I was also trying to think of it even from a business point of view in terms of if offering an incentive will actually get you more results. I would imagine even if you offered something small such as a $5 bonus it will probably give people motivation to put some effort into it.

Kind of funny in some ways that we don’t tend to do things like that. You would probably never think of hiring an employee for free as an example or have a sales person try and sell things for you for free. In many ways it just make sense to make sure all parties have an incentive to do something if there is no existing business relationship of sort unless it is literally a charity of some sort.

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