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Items Designed For The Opposite Sex

Today I was a department store looking for some items such as a tie. At the same time, I needed a new umbrella and so I figured that I would look for one as well. As usual, I would do my price comparison to see which one was the best value. I couldn’t believe that there were some umbrellas that cost almost $100.

Eventually, I narrowed it down to a $15 one which looked okay. There was something interesting though as I saw two umbrellas that were the same size and had the same features. The main difference was that the bottom handle on one of the umbrellas was neutral looking where it was flat and the other one had a more feminine design as it had a curve. The neutral one sold for $20 and the more feminine one was $9.99.

That just got me thinking where if you were truly trying to save every penny, would you be willing to purchase an item designed for the opposite sex if it was cheaper and pretty much did the exact same thing? I’m sure most people would say yes initially, but when it comes to it I’m sure many would still purchase the one that is labeled for their gender.

I’m not talking about things like a male buying a dress either incase someone brings up that wisecrack.

one Comments to Items Designed For The Opposite Sex

  • I would probably be very happy to buy something like this if it saved me money. for example women’s handkerchiefs seem to be twice the price of men’s one and so I would buy the men’s ones. I wouldn’t do the same thing for all clothes though!

    Rachel 6/14/2008 12:55 am

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