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Inventing A Reason To Make People Buy Things

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Today in other parts of the world that is a day ahead it is singles day where I guess you can say it is like an anti-Valentine’s Day. As a result companies like Alibaba are holding a sales event “celebration” for all the single people and it is big business by the sounds of it. According to various articles the company made about $5 Billion in sales within the first 15 minutes of the sales event. Kind of crazy when you think about it.

I have often heard that Valentine’s Day was made to generate retail sales and this sure makes you think about the marketing aspect of in regards to inventing a reason for people to shop. It seems like in this case all you need to do is gather a group of people that share something similar and then as a result they are more susceptible to doing things as a group as well.

I guess you shouldn’t underestimate the value of creating some kind of community in a sense when it comes to a business. As well I guess catering to people who are often left out can be pretty substantial in terms of a user base. In many ways it can be one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moment.

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