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Internet Money As A Quick Escape For Financial Freedom

I was watching some documentaries today that showed a wide range of jobs and careers that more new adults are embarking on thanks to the Internet being more common in people’s lives. This ranged from people selling knockoff brand items online to even people getting into pornography. Essentially, the technology makes it very easy for anyone to get into anything.

It was interesting as in some instances people felt that what they were selling was extremely questionable, but the lure of the mighty dollar is just too much. The most fascinating part I thought was that the money lured a lot of people in as a common answer was they didn’t want to end up like their parents or having to rely on them. In many ways, it’s almost like a mentality developed based on the social pressure of what qualifies as being successful and independent in life.

The Internet definitely does have a lot of ways people can make money online, but I feel you really have to be in the right mindset to pursue those opportunities. Otherwise there are thousands of vultures that will want to take advantage of you for the sake of making a profit. In many cases, I am sure the thought of earning say $500/hr overtakes any kind of reservations at a super young age.

Just look at how many people are swindled over Nigerian bank scams as an example simply because the lure of money is too much. Maybe it’s time everyone educated themselves on how people make money online even if you have no intent to do so. That way, people like parents can better prepare their kids on the types of things they will be presented with.

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