Internet Income Training Conference in Canada
Money Making Scams

Internet Income Training Conference in Canada

So I got this strange mail just recently that is apparently about some Internet marketing conference that is happening around here in BC which is suppose to teach people how to make money with companies like eBay and Google.

Internet Marketing Conference Envelope Front

Somehow, I have been chosen to attend this event and just for attending I would receive a free meal and a business organizer valued at $120. So to attend you would have to RSVP by phone. I thought the funny thing about this was that for a conference that is suppose to deal with Internet technology and how to make money with it, you’d think the company would at least have a web site.

Internet Marketing Conference Envelope Back

The thing about this that is a little troublesome is how the letter looks pretty professional and appealing with logos representing big Internet companies. I can easily see an average Joe thinking how this will be an opportunity of a lifetime and that they have nothing to lose since it is free. So to help, I have scanned the documents to help people recognize what this thing looks like along with a text transcript incase people can’t read it(Quickly used an OCR scanning software for the text).

Internet Marketing Conference Letter Front

Alan, here’s a complimentary Conference invitation for you and a guest!

Alan, discover how ordinary people and small business owners are creating incomes using the Internet. Also, learn how you can make money using eBay, Yahoo, Google, MSN and other online resources!

Dear Alan:

There’s something you should know…
Ordinary people, some with very little marketing experience at all, are creating part-time and full-time incomes working from home on the Internet.

Learn how you can make money on the Internet by attending our FREE breakfast, lunch or dinner conference near you.

Choose any one of our upcoming conferences at the Empire Landmark Hotel, Days Inn, Radisson President Hotel and Suites or Inn at the Westminster Quay – see enclosed ticket for dates and times. RSVP by calling 1-800-331-9003 before Monday, October 30, 2006.

This is a fun, relaxed and informative conference led by a nationally renowned instructor. Within 90 minutes you’ll know if creating income from the Internet is right for you and your family. Please see the back of this letter to see what your complimentary conference package includes for you and your guest.

Michael and Diana Blair
“This year’s gross sales are expected to surpass last year’s sales of $280,000; thanks to this training and support.”

Brian Castteman
“I’m only twenty years old and still in college, I work about two hours a day and make over $50,000 a year.”

Donald Wyatt
‘My first month in business generated $3,700, now I sell over $50,000 a month over the Internet.”

IMPORTANT! We typically allow just over 100 people per show. Hotel conference rooms can fill to capacity quickly, so reserve your space for two today by calling 1-800-331-9003.

Remember, the conference is FREE and is set in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This is simply an informative working conference for you to (Continued)

Internet Marketing Conference Letter Back

experience what others are using to create part-time or full-time income from the Internet by working at home. I’ve enclosed 2 complimentary tickets for you and a guest to attend this conference. We strongly recommend that you bring your spouse or business partner to learn about it all first hand.
Here’s what you get at the conference:
– FREE admission for you and a guest to a 90 minute conference!
– FREE complimentary meal for you and your guest!
– FREE Business Organizers for you and your guest!
– FREE training materials and tested Internet marketing strategies!
Bonus! FREE eBay® PowerSeller Strategy Guide COURSE BOOK!
Find out how to get your FREE Copy after attending the conference.
Please confirm your seats today by calling 1-800-331-9003.

C. Kevin Oliver
VP Conference Relations

P.S. If you are looking to generate additional income using the Internet, I urge you to explore * our Internet Marketing Conference. Call 1-800-331-9003 to hold your seats today.

P.P.S. Remember, the FREE COURSE BOOK you are being offered is not sold in stores, but you’ll learn how to get your FREE copy after attending this 90 minute Conference on creating Internet income. This COURSE BOOK offers you 200 pages of invaluable information including the simple secrets and shortcuts power sellers use to outsell uninformed and lazy Internet marketers.

Internet Marketing Conference
Conferences are available through this invitation only. Limit one guest per reservation. Call for remaining availability. Should hotel ballroom capacity be exceeded, seats will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Your meal will be served at the conclusion of the 90-minute conference. Your business organizer will be available at the event or may be mailed to you after the event.

I’ve personally never been to one of these and hopefully never will, but if it is anything like those other free conferences on how to make money, I’m willing to bet that while you’re there the whole purpose will be to sell you thousands of dollars worth of stuff as it is their way of leading you to financial freedom. So is it fair for me to be critical about this since I never went to it before? Well, just to confirm my suspicions, in the envelope was also this personal message card from who is apparently the Vice President of this company with the name “C. Rex Sanderson”.

C. Rex Sanderson

Dear Alan,

I want you to know how important I believe our FREE conference may be to you.
If you’re not where you need to be financially, or if you’re just spending too much time at work away from your family, I urge you to attend our FREE Internet Marketing Conference to witness what others have done to re-claim their financial and personal lives.

Visit our FREE Internet Marketing Conference. I guarantee you’ll walk away with a better understanding and possibly, new found hope of how you can achieve your financial goals and dreams using the same powerful Internet Marketing strategies and techniques being used by the most successful entrepreneurs.

C. Rex Sanderson
Vice President

Based on some quick searches, this guy seemed to of been operating similar deals around the world and the feedback is not good. So, watch your wallets everyone. If anyone out there has happened to actually attend one of these events, maybe you’ll have an interesting story to share with the rest of us.


  • Sheila 10/24/2006

    I too, received the confrence invite. Dear Fellow Entreprenuer, is how mine was addressed. I didn’t go – but was curious enough that I was going to look them up on the web to get more info, and that is when the red flag went up for me – no email address, no web page, no mailing address? I have also found nothing but comments about what a Scam this is. Really happy I didn’t go – other than the free food, of course.

  • Lukretia 11/28/2006

    My husband just received this in the mail today here in the States. I looked it over, and I knew they would be trying to sell something. When my husband found out the meal wouldn’t be served until after a 90-minute presentation, he said forget it. I told him I would look this up on the internet, came across this blog, and am now feeling pretty good that we already decided not to go!

  • Dave 12/23/2006

    I received one of these offers in the Cincinnati area. I seem to get similar offers occasionally but have never been to one. Ususally if it sounds too good to be true, it’s not true! So one more invitation making its way to the shredder. Thanks for posting this info on the internet Alan.

  • Stephen 1/4/2007

    Just got an invite here in the Austin area. No Thanks!

  • William B 1/14/2007

    Well, yesterday I and a friend of mine who has no internet presence received the invitation letter described above. Since I already have an active Ebay business and have for some years I feel like I know a little about that type of business.

    I noted looking at the letter that they did all the right marketing things, the Free Bonus for example, the Free Organizer for another. But I have decided not to go. I would like to see a report from someone who has gone.

    The basic thing is this: if they are willing to rent a hotel (high end one in our town) and give away Organizers AND Free Bonus Gifts and cover all the printing and travel costs to the presentation sites, then a) They must be making some real money b) clearly they plan on selling you something pretty pricey or they would not do so much for “free” c) the only feedback I can find Googling is not positive.

    Further, if you want to know what Power Sellers on Ebay do there are many sources for that info with no strings attached.

    I smell a fish.


  • Gaynor 1/18/2007

    Well, the mailing has spread to the UK now. The warning bells came up just with the design of the envelope, its use of North American English [the cultural & use contexts of English in the UK are different], and the staging of a “Dinner Conference” in our very small village ! Nothing comes up on an internet search this side of the Atlantic other than this blog which just confirmed my suspicions of a scam. So, don’t get involved, just do what my husband & I have done which is to shred it !

  • claire from UK 1/18/2007

    Hi ,
    I recieved a letter this morning from a company from Seattle, exactly like the letter you’ve shown on this page, organising a free dinner and 90 minute conference aswell as the organiser. It promises to let you into the know-how of making money on the internet and use Powersellers on Ebay to make cash.

    I’m a keen Ebayer so I thought I’d check out the company. I put in several different keywords to find out about it ( hense finding you here!) I also found a website called Rip Off , who reports dodgey companies .

    Apparently they pull people in and then intimidate people into signing things and con money. They are not nice and people should be aware.

    Claire ,
    England. UK

  • june 1/19/2007

    i recieved one as well. ITS A CON. the phone here wont even put you through thank goodness. dont go anywhere near it. NOBODY GIVES YOU ANYTHING FOR NOTHING .

  • Larry Larsen 1/24/2007

    Thank you my wife and I just received that piece of SPAM mail too. Like commenter #1 I also found no contact information very odd and living in the Seattle area I also found no listing in the local phone books.
    I have forwarded this letter to the Washington State AG’s office, Consumer Frauds Devision. I think it is prudent that more people should do so.
    My advice is if it looks to good send it to you States AG’s Office.

  • Ian 2/5/2007

    Believe it or not CR Sanderson’s team has now reached Malaysia – still with his personal guarantee, free dinner, organiser etc. The main paperwork is also exactly the same as Alan’s scans above although the letter is addressed to Dear Friend and the invitation card does not carry my name.

    Watch out Malaysia and keep your hand on your wallet!

  • Ed 2/8/2007

    I too received this letter. Very suspicious. No company name or web site listed on the information. So I looked them up on the net and I found this web page exposing this as yet another SCAM!



  • Kingsley 2/21/2007

    They have now arrived in Sydney Australia with “conferences” March 2007.

    Sounds like they are busy moving around.

  • Anne 2/21/2007

    Thank you all for your comments! I live in Brisbane, Australia and have received the same free tickets etc. I must admit I was almost tempted but decided to check it out on the Internet. I agree – why would a company advertising Internet marketing have nothing but an RSVP site available!?!?! I was looking forward to the free meal and business organiser but … at what cost? Phew … saved by my computer!

  • J Foo 2/22/2007

    Why are some people are so unscrupulous? Don’t they have a conscience or two/etc? Can a person really feel good doing extremely hard sell by doing whatever they can in a group atmosphere to close a sale?
    I mean these people are offering Free admission, Free complimentary meal – Dream on ( Only various type of Sandwiches not expensive meal ) Free Business Organizer ( Made in China cost price of approx $US0.70; They order in bulk from China ) Free Training and tested Internet Marketing ( Which is worthless apparently! )
    Guess what – In the end, you will be “persuaded” ( Hard Sell ) to purchase a kit how to build a WebSite for US$2000 plus additional forbidden cost to maintain the Website! And, apparently, it is very very difficult to build the Website in the first place!
    Trust me, if I were one of the perpetrator, I wouldn’t be able to have a good nite sleep; Guess what: These people do not have any conscience whatsover; They are not humans, they are animals.
    How do I know? I invited a friend to come along if he is interested. Showed him the invitations and he’s been there for the scam before!
    So, Internet Users beware and e-mail this message to as many people as possible!

  • Linda & Jeff 2/22/2007

    Got an invite addressed to my missus in Canberra, Australia. Like the rest of you, I did some checking and came upon you. Interesting stuff. Just for info, the signature for C. R. Anderson on our mail piece is not quite the same as C. Rex Sanderson on the sample above. Might be a small thing but…. Might phone the venues and see if this is all sort of legit. Been looking for other references to either Sanderson or the company but no luck.

  • ho sheng 2/23/2007

    this is ho sheng from malaysia, i got the offer too. anyone here went to the event ? sounds too good already. so many free stuff. i wish is something good and not bad. thx

  • Lynn 2/23/2007

    Received the letter and invitation in Pennsylvania – immediately looked for backup on the internet – like others, no company name, nothing to reference – except the VP’s name — which brought me here. Thanks to all of you for the feeback – it caught my interest, but won’t be wasting my time!

  • ho sheng 2/24/2007

    hmm… i would like to know anyone went to this event !? because i just a student from malaysia (graduated from pre-university)

    hi lynn, i might going university of pennsylvania.(offer letter coming soon.. 1st of april ). are u a student as well !?

    ho sheng

  • Trish 2/25/2007

    Thank you!!! I knew I would find a blog somewhere about this.

    I received my “free tix” this past weekend in the States as well. Although, I do think the rest of you were short changed because I would have gotten a free 1 year subscription to “Entrepreneur” magazine.

    Unfortunately, some people who won’t take the time to do their own research will naively attend a conference like this thinking, “Wow! I’ve got a real opportunity to make my dreams come true.” And that’s exactly what they try to sell you . . . for an exhorbant price. If it was a real deal, why wouldn’t they charge you up front? No, these snake oil salesman hide behind the deceptive guise of free so that they can prey on people’s vulnerabilities.

    I know, I’ve attended a few MLM scamferences, etc. when I was younger. Thankfully, I did not buy into the “dream.”

    Don’t attend something like this. If it felt wrong to begin with, you must have had that feeling for a reason.

    So, thank you Alan for the posting!!!

  • Rodny 2/26/2007

    Thank you guys for saving my time from a scam. Today I was suppose to go for the talk at 6pm but decided to check them out and I found you guys instead. What a safe?! A company promoting income through website but they are without website… tells me there is something fishy

    Be warned and take heed guys.

  • Aussie Champ 2/26/2007

    The dinner for two has been arranged in Paramatta for 5th March at Marriott 18-40 Anderson St. Now I am beginning to think…it’s my special ones birthday…would it ruin my evening?

    Thanks for the blog…Its great.

    By the way, how did these people know me from 16300 Christensen Rd Suite 217 Seattle WA 98188. I now have my phone details with them as well because I did register to go to this thing.

    Thank You So much for this fraud alert!

  • Lisa 2/27/2007

    I live in South Australia and has recently been sent the same invitation through mail. I was really worried that they know my address and my name as I’ve always been so careful in giving my details offline and online. I’ve given my full address online only when buying things from eBay so there must be some dodgy sellers or eBay’s security isn’t good enough. Check out this link ( for evidence that one website ( sells user details to others.

    Anyway the offer of free meal at a top hotel sounds too good to be true and I decided to investigate further and I came across your post. Thanks for posting up your invitation; I still cannot believe how my invitation looks exactly the same as yours, down to the dollar values of the dinner and sales mentioned in the testimonials. I assume you live in the US, so technically the dollar values should be marked as either US or AU or adjusted.

    Also, can anyboy who lives in Seattle, WA confirm that 16300 Christensen Road, Suite 217, Seattle WA 98188 actually exists?.

    I also found this comment ( by an Australian who had gone to the ‘free premier dining package valued at over $120’ (read: sandwich and soda) to get their ‘free business organizer worth $120’ (read: cheap $2 organiser), paid $50 to go to another seminar and forked out more than $4000 for a website maintained by Storesonline/Galaxy Mall. And she said she wasn’t the only one who did the same thing. The bastards at Storesonline/Galaxy Mall have conned hundreds of people!

    Anyway, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released this report ( regarding Storesonline/Galaxy Mall. I wish there was someway to mass-spam everyone about the existence of these con artists!

  • Tony Tasmania 2/27/2007

    Yes they are coming to Tasmania too. I won’t be going.
    They seem to be using a mailing list that I have been on before with the incorrect suburb.

  • ho sheng 2/28/2007

    ho sheng:

    here ho sheng again, I went to the event already.

    Share my exp with everyone…

    well they provided some foods as in dinner / lunch and some coffee and tea. In the same time, they offer the free business organizer.

    during the event they’ll ask u all the raise your hand up, (just raise only). Because when event going-on they will ask someone come to the front BUT they aren’t going to tell u to do wat !!!! JUST raise your hand and step forward they will give u some gifts (maybe money RM 50)

    In the same time, they will try to ask u join their 1 Whole day event. TRUST me, if u are a college students those knowledge u can learn from fren ok!!

    just go to the 1st event and take the free gift and run away!

    trust me

    ho sheng

  • Graham 2/28/2007

    Recieved my invite by C.R.Sanderson to one of four sites in Brisbane, Australia. I was suspicious from the minute the letter arrived on my desk at work. I did a look up on C.R.Sanderson and found your site. This time their was two 1-800 numbers (free call) and the website which I have not visited.
    Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

  • Bill Adelaide 3/2/2007

    I got the same thing in the mail. I thought about going, as it would be good to get some genuine info about making money on the net. It did sound a bit dodgy though, so thank all of you guys for what you’ve written. I’m definately not going now.

  • Virginia 3/2/2007

    I’ve received the same letter. I thought it was dodgy when they said a conference would be happening close to where we live in Clifton Springs,the conference would be in Melbourne, an hour and a half drive! Thanks for all the above comments, I won’t be going either.

  • Katrina 3/2/2007

    Its now hit Brisbane Australia, and every conference address is pretty much local, and its exactly the same letter too! Thank god I looked up that website! It had me fooled too! I almost booked into the thing. Thank you for the alert, saved me a heap of money obviously.

  • Debbie 3/3/2007

    I’ve received a professional looking invitation from this”organisation” and unfortunately booked to go thereby disclosing my home phone number. Thank goodness I checked this sight before actually attending. I’m just angry that they{an American replied} now have my number. By the way the “meal” is at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast.

  • Heather 3/3/2007

    Hi there like all of you I too received the same letter. Can’t thank you enough for the information. Will be giving it a big miss. As a single Mum with a young son can’t afford to get ripped off.
    Bless You
    Brisbane Australia

  • ho sheng 3/3/2007

    sry this is ho sheng … type wrong name..

    deebie just go ..get the free gift and food and run

  • Dixie 3/3/2007

    i was actually thinking of going because I have just started my own business at home here in brisbane, australia and wanting some strategies on how to maximise my income. thanks to this blog it has made me decide to throw this enticing piece of invitation in the bin. more power to this blog and the positive aspects of the net.

  • nell 3/3/2007

    It has hit the Hunter and I fell for it as well until I read this web site. I also had telephoned my acceptance thinking that ebay was actually doing something for us the customer.

  • Lloyd H. 3/4/2007

    I have also recieved the same information as you have explained and was considering going to the Campbelltown Catholic Club by invitation on the 5th March 2007 but after hitting their web address and finding you I shall now not be going. Thank you very much.

  • Peter T. 3/4/2007

    Thanks for the website regarding this SCAM. My wife and I were supposed to go but since reading the replies from others, I decided to write and warn others of this scam. Make the appointment but don’t go. See what will they do.

  • chris 3/5/2007

    Thanks guys i was going to the conference with a friend as a penisoner i thought that if it was a scam ,and letts face it it was a bit too good to be true we will get the meal .But i wont bother allthough one should go and picket the hotel and maybe save some one eles from getting caught . Because as sure as eggs there will be some poor penisoner or single parent who will cash in some nestegg or even borrow money to feed these crooks. For my money they should be tarred and feathered

  • john winmill 3/5/2007

    This scam has hit Toowoomb a, ujeensland, Australia. I am annoyed by the trade in names and addresses – fortunately I read this blog before replying. Thanks to the originator.

  • Mike and Roz 3/6/2007

    It has now arrived in Logan City, Qld.

    My daughter was interested as she is a business orientated computer whizz.

    We decided to go for the dinner and organiser.

    The comments above are pertinent and I have seen nothing positive on the net.

    Thanks for the input, we wont be attending

  • Derek 3/6/2007

    Interesting scam but why do they not have a web site if they are so smart? They have scheduled 8 presentations on the Gold Coast at premier hotels on the Gold Coast, so the scam must work OK for them if not for the attendees. Interesting that the package is identical in prices etc to the Canadian and USA ones. Should be reported to the Australian Consumers Affairs. I will not be attending.

  • bill 3/6/2007

    there is wisdom in many councillors (and bloggers). thanks for the feedback. i won’t be attending either

  • Brad - Adelaide 3/7/2007

    I thought I may as well add to this Blog and reiterate what everyone else is saying.

    My wife received this letter, now this is the interesting part. She has never bought anything on ebay and very rarely even looks at ebay (no ebay account). The only thing that she may have entered her name online for would be accommodation bookings. This letter was addressed to her full name, and our phone listing is in my name, so that counts out a random phone book mail out…. so I would like to know how they sourced her info??

    I thought it sounded dodgey so I also turned to the old favourite .. Google. I find it ironic that they are advertising how to make money on google. Yet all you need to do is put the details into google and it spits out all the bad press you would hope for on scum like this.

    I have had similar offers in the past from different companies selling all kinds of things. The one thing they have in common is the price. They seem all seem to try and get a few thousand $$ out of you. Maybe this is a figure where people are prepared to invest, and even the desperate will try and find this amount.

    I like the idee mentioned in a previous post … we should picket the hotels and inform the people attending what they are really in for.

    I hope they leave Adelaide, South Australia with a big hotel bill and no new clients. That’s another point to think about as well, don’t the hotel chains have a conscience? They should do a bit of research into who the people are that are renting their space. I wonder if they would be interested in hosting the next Al Qaeda conference in the art of Detonation? I think not.

    Where have all the morals gone???

  • Sabina- Central coast 3/7/2007

    I also did my research, no web site and all, yes it sound dodggy.
    Im going tonight, of course, they can’t get me wrapped into their dirty scam but, curiousity im going to see how these dirty salemans work their magic with poor innocent people. I will give you a feedback tommorow.

  • Dave 3/7/2007

    Hi everyone,
    Ya, I just got one in the mail today as well.
    They are now hitting Allentown, PA and surrounding area.
    Actually when I got it, it sounded like one I got a year ago from “eProfits Made Simple” Who is a absolute fraudulant company.
    So after learning from that experience, I decided to check this company out. And low and behold, seems to be the same thing. Thank goodness for Blogs!
    Not sure if I’ll go, NOT TO BUY!, But to check out and report back to all of you if it is the same kind as the one I experienced. If I do go, may wallet stays in the car.
    Well thanks again for everones input.

  • jason 3/7/2007

    this is the second time i have received this same exact scamfrence invite.

    all the free crap says a major hello to my scamdar.

    googled them the first time i got this, came up with a few reviews of this and justified my gut feelings. people who went were advising people to leave their wallets, credit cards and checkbooks at home if they were remotely interested in attending. the free items were subpar and many wernt avail at the close of the conference. the planner was to be mailed after successfull payment etc… i wrote editorial in our local paper advising people who were interested to leave their monies at home for these high pressure enviroments. looks like i will have to do it once again.

    i love google and blogs… thanks for having this blog here.

    (mason city, iowa, usa)

  • too smart 3/7/2007

    Well…I just received one in Nebraska. I am going to turn it over to our Investigative team on the local news channels so the word can get out. Thanks for all the info.
    March 21-24 Council Bluffs Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska

  • Maxi 3/8/2007

    Hi, I went to the conference in Sydney Australia, and thought I’d give some input to this forum.

    Basically what they sell is consultancy services on how to improve your business exposure on internet and hence improving your income at your comfort of working from home. The word is eCommerce.

    Essentially, the free 90 min seminar is to entice people to come & listen. But surely they won’t expose many things. Next is they encourage people to register for the next workshop to be held within a few weeks (20th March 2007). The workshop runs for a full day. The fee is $50. You can bring a guest for free. Lunch provided.

    At the end of workshop, those who are interested they offer:
    programming + software $2800 (one time fee)
    hosting + support $2700 (annual)
    Those who take the offer within 90 days after workshop only have to pay the $2700 for the lot. I think they are supposed to be AUS dollars.

    So basically that’s the conference is about in short. I googled and found many negative reviews before I went, but I thought it does not harm just to have a listen.

    There you go, for those who wonder what this conference is about. In the end I did not register for the next workshop because I do not run my own business, and honestly I still don’t feel right about this whole thing anyway..hehehe. However, my friend that I invited along was keen. He paid the $50 for the workshop and he said I can be his guest.

    The company name is actually StoreOnline Pro. Anyone interested, check it out on


  • Nie 3/8/2007

    I im only 18 from sydney and i just got home from the conference to see for myself.
    The seminar was about how to make money on the internet BUT to get real ‘training’ you would have to spend $50 to attend another full day conference and you get a FREE dvd if u pay up.
    Furthermore i recived no free orgniser and mash potato dinner,

    hope this helps:)

  • Wayne 3/8/2007

    We have them way down here in New Zealand now. Looks exactly the same as what yo got in the mail. I thought this looks good (too good). We won’t be going I made my mind up even before reading this blog.

  • Kvanderaa south australia 3/8/2007

    Thanks for the good info on the scam.
    I also received and registered to go to this “seminar” but after reading all the comments (not one good one) I have decided not to bother, by all means register to go but ignore it after that, maybe the Hilton in Adelaide South Australia can see the scam that they are supporting,
    Thank heavens for sites like this one

  • Dave 3/8/2007

    Hello it’s Dave again,
    Thanks for the input Maxi. Again, this sounds exactly like
    eProfits Made Simple (which also is a really bad scammer).
    Same format, same type of conference offering the same kind of rediculous, outragously priced products; which really didn’t work anyway!
    Anyway, I did a BBB search on this company with the info given above. And here is the BBB web site for your reference. They have some serious complaints on them from alot of consumers who got nailed by them.

    Best to all,

  • Janisha 3/8/2007

    My dad just got it in the mail today and where in auckland new zealand so its goinga all around the world and was looking for a website but cant find any so im glad I found this blog, I told me dad to go because the locations are pretty flash places but now im gonna tell my dad not to go. Does anyone know how they get your details? they knew his name and addresses and when I rang I asked the person on the phone and she ended putting me to a voice mail but I still havent heard from anyone.

  • will 3/9/2007

    i have received similar invitation this week and thought why not if it s for free and called up the number after a week s time and the venue is full and other 5 venues far away avialble. nd i am on stand by least as so many people attending in Melbourne, thanks to the above blog now decided against it. thanks again. i have already burnt my fingers last year…similar stuff like free tv on your pc software and it didnt work after paying, herballife stuff and many more…thanks guys/gals for the timely reminder not to do some thing silly…. willy

  • Sonny 3/11/2007

    I recieved this same letter today 12-3-07 NewZealand by Mail. I thought this was ok i like computer work and a job at home would be great,It had 2 0800 no’s plus an online site to fill out your invitation forms for the 90min conferences .Available at The Heritage Rotorua,Rydges LeGrand Hamilton.I did this then realised i had an app else where for that day, i tried to cancell but was unable to. I then got this site and started reading these comments about this outfit being a scam. Where do they find our addresses and names, now they have our phone no as well, what can we do to stop these people, I think i will ring Fair Go and see what they can do

  • Bob 3/12/2007

    Here in Kansas City, MO my poor old 81 year old mother got this exact same thing today. She gives me everything to check out as it seems she’s always getting scammed and she depends on my computer abilities to protect her. Thanks for this blog. She, and I, are saved once again by good people like all of you.

  • Dawne 3/12/2007

    well I’m in Palmerston North New Zealand and received my invite today and was all set to go with a friend, we were really looking forward to the free meal and gift!!, I enjoy working on my computer and thought this could be the answer to making some pocket money, now I am retired.
    Must admit it sounded dodgy altho it didn’t come from Nigeria!! the invite was identical to the ones above. It was sent to my last address, but shifted from there 7 years ago! so have no idea how they got it.
    Oh well, I can use my time more productively now as we definitely won’t be setting foot near the place, thanks everyone for your comments and for saving us from wasting an evening.

  • Doug 3/14/2007

    Got the identical invite here in the middle of nowhere, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan. Would have been a one hour drive to attend. Glad I found this website, save my time and gas. I’m pretty sure I got the same invite about a year ago, didn’t have time to either check it out or go.

  • Designer 3/15/2007

    I immediately thought that this was real because the design was very clean and there was an offer for a 1 year’s subscription to O Magazine. I naturally thought that Oprah was somehow connected to this because even the title was “Women’s Night Out.”

    BUT, I realized that this was a scam when one of the profiled women on the invite “Karla Edward” was an image. I use stockphotos everyday, so a red flag instantly went up when I recognized “Karla.”

    They should be ashamed of themselves!

  • SHAMIM 3/15/2007

    I got the invite and I became curious coz the only dinner invites I always get is for place I volunteer but anywayz I was anxious and curious so I called them today to see how they work and what they do.

  • Ken 3/15/2007

    Hey Doug,
    Don’t say Assiniboia, Sask. is in the middle of nowhere! I used to teach near there in Crane Valley. I received two invitations to the Ramada Hotel in Regina, Sask. One used my first name, the other my second name. My wife received one as well and she never uses a computer!

  • Dennis& Linda 3/16/2007

    Thank goodness for the internet. I came on to check and found the same information. Apparently, there are two events in Winnipeg, one in Steinbach and one here in Winkler, Manitoba. Pretty fancy info packages! They even want to catch two guests also, as my wife got a separate packet………we each can take a guest. I called the number and it was a fax line. The return address was Christensen Rd in Seattle. I wonder who is footing the bill for the full-colour packets and the postage. I will advise the local hotel here, so they don’t get stung. My, my, they do travel fast and far. Good luck y’all.

  • Lori 3/16/2007

    I too just got this packet in the mail.. and as any smart individual would do (I hope anyway!) I came online to check it out… I live near Asheville NC and they are going to be there on March 31st..

    Thanks for the info — I doubt we will be going and if we decide to, just out of curiosity we definitly won’t be buying anything from these people!

    Hopefully someone will stop these people.. I wish people still believed in making an HONEST DOLLAR!

    May God Bless & Keep You ALL!!!

  • Pete 3/17/2007

    I too have recieved the letter and have decided to do
    something about it.
    I live in a community where most people are very trusting.
    Thankfully,they are also very cheap.
    I will attend and probably make an incredible scene.
    But if I save a few people from making
    an incredible mistake and loss of money,I have done my part.

  • Julia 3/18/2007

    We got ours like thursday? (March 15, 2007) – identical materials and I’m like the rest of you – what’s up with not having their own website, at least one that is immediately obvious! I don’t do telephone calls much these days because I’m too deaf to use the phone that well any more (I can, but it’s annoying to the telemarketers because they won’t speak in slower midwestern accent, talking too fast and in foreign accents, and I have to make them repeat stuff over and over and over, on their long distance dimes$$! HA HA!)

    They will be in Wichita KS next week – March 21, 22, and 24. It’s during the spring break so I will have my kid to worry about so I highly doubt if I go.

    I went to a similar thing like two years ago with my mom, some kind of “Use The Internet To Get Rich” or some such quackery and we only went to get the free lunch. It was also advertised as having the free organizer and lunch served after the 90 minute presentation. Their big pitch afterwards was to spend some $200-300 I forget, different levels for different amounts of “benefit” including hosting your own website and whatever. We “accidentally” (on purpose) left our check/chequebooks and credit cards “at home” (locked in trunk/boot of the car) and so we had an out, and then I probably annoyed the salesguy because I couldn’t hear him well, and made him slow down so I could lipread me… so they never pestered us much. We just ate our meal and collected our organizers (which were rather overrated, actually, coulda gotten one for $2.00 at the Dollar General store with less aggravation and certainly no “free lunch”, but oh well..).

  • Randall 3/18/2007

    It has reached the small town of Rose Hill, KS. I am an ebayer and thought any additional information would be very helpful. This also would have been a good opportunity for the wife and I to have a date night out with free dinner. But before we called to reserve, we both had reservations so I did some research and found this site along with others. This is making me feel much better about not going. Now I have to go tell my wife she was right. I just love the internet. Thanks

  • Joanne 3/19/2007

    I got the same thing in the mail.After reading all these remarks on this company I also looked this up and Can’t find anything. We are to attend in winkler manitoba canada I and a friend will be going but will be stopping alot of people from making the mistake on paying these leaches money. They want money they can go out and earn it like everybody else. Thanks

  • Oleg 3/19/2007

    Hi Joanne,

    if you will attend this conference would you so kind to find out how to get your free copy of
    Bonus! FREE eBay® PowerSeller Strategy Guide COURSE BOOK!

    I actually visited this conference (only because of this book), but forgot !!! to ask for it – was so brained washed by thier speaches…

    DO NOT get sucked in into their workshop – waste of time and money.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Kim 3/20/2007

    Shame on these people! Received my “special offer” a few weeks ago, I live near Allentown, PA. I thought it looked suspicious the first time I read it.

    If it’s too good to be true, it probably is- too bad there are not laws against these sorts of things, how can these people sleep at night?

  • Kathy 3/20/2007

    Hi All! I too got this invite in the mail. Actually I got 2 of them. One in the short version of my name and one in the long version. I can also bring a guest. At first I thought this was a great idea. I tried to get through but all I keep on getting is a fax machine. We have four choices of where we can attend; 2 in Winnipeg, 1 in Steinbach and 1 in Winkler. I was going to attend the Winkler one if I could get through, but like I said all I get is the fax machine. If there is anyone going to one of these Conferences please don’t get taken in and fork over a huge amount of money. It is sad that there are all of these scams out there these days.
    Thank you!


  • Randall 3/20/2007

    Hi Joanne:

    I would also be interested in the Bonus! FREE eBay® PowerSeller Strategy Guide COURSE BOOK


  • Randall 3/20/2007

    The free book is probably a book made for internet research that anyone can find or it could be information printed off like this CD for sale on Ebay, by the same name:

    But I would still like to know what the are pawning off as new.

  • k-dg 3/20/2007

    I too received this mail just a few days ago, thank goodness that I found this site. When I reied calling the number, the phone kept making wierd sounds like I was calling a fax machine

  • ram 3/20/2007

    Canada here. Loved the one comment where suddenly the conference is referred to as “a show”. I’ll bet it is really a dog and pony show using the same technique as stock investment software seminars and condos/timeshares.

    What a scam!!!

  • kevin 3/20/2007

    Wow! I got the same phamplet in the mail, 90 minute conference free meal, and a organizer. I was like okay I call them up and reserved a 6pm event. I must say that my scam detector went off and I decided to research them on the web and came across this site. I called the company back and they gave me a website to go too, of course I decided to look the better business bureau website and this company has amassed a large amount of complaints.
    ( this whole thing is a scam do not attend.

  • Mike 3/22/2007

    If you check out you’ll see that they are located at 754 E. Technology Avenue, Orem, UT 84097. Do some research on that – it’s a very familiar address.

    That Orem location has been running “opportunity” seminars for years, just capitalizing on whatever has been hot at the time. In the early 90s it was 900-numbers, etc. I’ve been getting these invitations from them for over 15 years.

    At the pitches they either try to get you to come back the following week for more extensive training (over $2K), sell you the online store package (in the late ’90s they claimed to be successful you had to be part of an online mall), or individual courses at around $500 for which they have a very limited supply on hand, and when they’re gone, they’re gone (amazing to watch the suckers stampede to the back of the room with their credit cards in hand).

    Of course, this offer I got yesterday made a big impact on me. They misspelled the name of the town where the conference would take place. Not just once, but over and over. I figure if they don’t know what town they’re going to, how can they possibly guide me on the web??? (grin)

  • Mike 3/22/2007

    Oh yes – another source of information to review is:

    This was obtained by doing a Google search on the Seattle Christensen Road address that appears on the back of the mailer. In my post above I mentioned that they used to promote online malls at their late ’90s conferences. Well, I forgot the name of it, but the above web site refreshed my memory – the Galaxy Mall.

  • otro pinguino 3/24/2007

    Well I smelled a fishstick when I got the mailing and it really started to stink when I read that I’d have to wait 91 minutes before I could it eat it. And so I googled and the top-most (unsponsered) link was to but it time-out while loading. Even google’s cached version took a long time to load. Anyway, now I’m here….

    But before looking up the ‘net Mark’ing ‘rence people, I imagined they were just another shark and guppy “conference-meal-organizer-training ” show for selling the exciting world of selling conferences to sell other people to sell conferences to sell other people to sell conferences to sell other people to sell conferences (catching my breath, sigh) and sell some exciting stuff at selling conferences to sell other people … blah …blah …blah and sell stuff. Has anyone tried showing up at minute 88? Were there fishsticks?

    Meanwhile, there’s a bar-coded Reservation ID on a post card on my kitchen table. Whir, slice, cut, slice, cut, whir. Oh, I think that’s the sound of the shredder, also in my kitchen.

    Thanks, Alan and to everyone for your posts. It’s been fun. Cheers.

  • Sunparty 3/25/2007

    My wife received the exact same add in New Brunswick Canada last week. I called to make the appointment for the first session, I went through the same things, checked on line and could not find anything about them, then searched our buddy C.R. Sanderson and here I am.

    Thank you all, we will not be attending

  • Doll 3/26/2007

    My sister and daugter both got an invite, my sister wanted to go but I had not investigated it yet. Well I called the # to reserve and had a few questions to ask the first being what is your mission statement ? The young lady who was on the other end did not even know what that was, she put me on hold to ask someone else returned with they are not an information center all questions can be answered at their web site ( . I am a fast typer and had it up in a sec and asked her where on the site she told me to look for it, I had to add a bit of snot to it and ask her why is she working for min pay when she could make thous on the computer.

  • Trevor 3/27/2007

    Hi Guys -this company just did a big job on more than a hundred people here in Brisbane this week. They are slick and know what they are doing to take your money -they present alot of good info but the bottom line is you pay ALOT for it. They are learning how to abide by all the ACCC (Australian watchdog) guidelines so they are fullfilling all legal requirements -word of mouth through friends and relatives can help stop these people. How they get back into the country time and time again after what they do is just a mystery to me. Keep up the great work here. Most people I talked to at the meeting had not done a basic goodle search. Make sure you tell people to use one word in their search -not store and online.

  • Jackie 3/28/2007

    I’m in Boston MA and I received this today. Thought it looked great but wanted to do some research. Found this blog and wanted to say Thank You! I wont be going now

  • Deo Namwira 3/29/2007

    I too received this very nice looking invitation to this free diner and conference training plus free 120$ worth electronic organiser. I tried just by curiosity to call up the toll free phone number provided so as to find out more about the event. The number sounds busy constantly.
    I trust it is a scam not worth wasting time on.

  • Michelle Bardales 4/1/2007

    i got the same too exept that i did call them the invitation was under my moms name but since she doesnt speak english she told me to go since i am addicted to internet i called them made my reservation and i still didnt go because i didnt wake up by time.. my meeting was saturday march 31 here in Columbia, South Carolina…they have my name wrong too…i am not attending if they try to contact me since they do have my phone number…this is crazy i can belive that people can do stuff like this…i was sorpise too that they didnt have website..i was going to make another reservation..but after i read all this there is no way that i will try..thanks so much

  • lisa 4/3/2007

    The mailings have made it to Connecticut… it is actually the second one i recieved and the first for my husband….my father always told me “…there is no such thing as a “free” lunch”!

  • Kristin 4/3/2007

    Here I am, in Door County Wisconsin – in a very small town, and I also received this “awesome”invitation – to participate in Green Bay Wisconsin, about 90 miles away!
    Any suggestions on where to get the most exposure about this scam?
    Maybe I’ll scan and send to Fox News – Steve Doocey will do something about it!

  • chao 4/3/2007


    living in Manitowoc, WI

    i too had received these “letter” from C.R. Sanderson…i knew it was too good to be true…though i did want to go and get to “free ” breakfest, lunch or dinner….asked my sister go with me on Thursday, April 19, 2007 at Holiday Inn….i was going to call the number to reserve the two seats the next day…sister told me to check online just to see if it’s a scam or not…and whalah…i found this site….thanx…won’t be goin now… i can’t afford to lose money it’s hard enough as it is being a 20 yr old living in Manitowoc, WI.

    If anyone is goin to the event or did go…please note me back because i won’t want to miss anything too important

  • Lou 4/5/2007

    Just recieved the same mailing. Thank’s for all the above info. I just put it through my shredder.

  • NRL 4/6/2007


    I live in Western Massachusetts, USA and I just received this mailing too (Friday, April 06, 2007). I am poor so they cannot sell me anything. I’m on SSDI; I might go just for the fun of it. If I do I will post my experience. I love some of these posts, thanks to everyone that did post. I will turn it over to our Investigative team on the local news channels (Post #45 too smart). I would encourage everybody to do the same. Just like Oleg, Post #66, I would only attend for the Bonus FREE eBay® PowerSeller Strategy Guide COURSE BOOK! I will have to remember to ask for it before I leave. Lastly, I love the post from Doll, Post #78, “I had to add a bit of snot to it and ask her why is she working for min pay when she could make thous on the computer.”, I could not stop laughing. If I decide to go I will let you know.

    Western Massachusetts, USA

  • Rod Govea 4/9/2007

    WOW! Just think 10 years ago (maybe less) when we did not have a place like this to share our experience/comments.

    I have to believe that now, with the help of the internet, people are getting better informed before with regards to these “scams”.

    This helps a great deal! Cheers & thank you!

  • Leah Himbeault 4/10/2007

    Thank goddness I did some searching.
    A friend and I had planned on attending next week in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
    I had a feeling but thought what the heck, its only information.
    Thanks to all of you.

    My letter is exactly the same as the one on this site except the name is C.R. Sanderson.

    He had the nerve to sign it “Respectfully?”

    Trust your instincts.

  • Waterloo, Ontario 4/10/2007

    Just got this at work today.

    It’s changed a little bit.

    The Organizer is a $39.99 Value. The total package a $120 value.

    I’m fairly suprised that they’re doing 4 days of this. 3 Different venues and 2 times each day.

    For those who went, did they have an open question period?

    I almost feel like going and asking how they’re a worldwide operation and why they’re listed on hundreds of websites, watchlists and blogs as a huge scam.

    Then I’d like to offer anyone there, website design and hosing for 50% of their charge.

    It seems like it would be hilarious to go to, but if I dont get good food it’s not worth it.

  • BC 4/11/2007

    Greetings all,

    I received my invite for the 90-minute presentation. I did some research on the matter…scam, scam, scam!
    My daughter and I attended the presentation with no intentions to become involved with the program. We each received a very good lunch and a planner.
    They offer an all-day workshop for $20.00 (US) that includes lunch. I completed the form and gave the fee in CASH. The man just looked at me like I was crazy. I stated to him, “Cash is still good, right?” I suppose he thought I was going to write my credit card info…ya, right! The only information I placed on that paper was the information they already had…my name and address.
    Well, I just returned from that workshop. Reading some of the previous reports above, I see that some of you were curious as to what the workshop was about.
    You didn’t miss much (the lunch was very good, though).
    At the beginning of the workshop, the strategy is to get you to trust them. Shortly after that, they give you a form to fill out with your VERY confidential information. I turned the paper over and slid it in the notebook they gave me while they weren’t watching. They seemed to be a little aggressive in getting those back. The people sitting next to me saw what I did. I looked at them and said, “they want TOO much information…that can be dangerous!” My table companions did the same thing with their papers. Smart move on their part.
    The speakers make some “intimitating” remarks…they say that some people may discourage others to “follow their dreams” as they put it, and if anyone in the room does this, they should let one of the guys know who it is. So, while we were having this really nice lunch, I told the woman sitting next to me that I did some research on this group and found it to be a scam. And then I asked her not to report me until after lunch. She just smiled and agreed.
    Well, these guys become more agressive as time goes on.
    What it comes down to is that they want access to your funds.
    I left not long after lunch (my table companions left when I left).
    So there you have it. For $20.00 I had the enjoyment of receiving two lunches, a planner, a notebook (my daughter received one lunch and a planner), I saw how these guys operate, and I was able to save a few from sure torture!
    The moral of the story…cash is still good and you cannot get something for free!

  • msp 4/11/2007

    Thank you, Alan. Great blog! Exact same piece of mail with eBay, Yahoo, Google, and MSN logos splashed across the top.

    Orem, UT, as mentioned above is a familiar sounding town. It was Galaxy Mall ten years ago. I’m embarrassed to admit that I went to one of their “shows.” At that time they were selling this:[your business].

    Today, it looks like they’re selling something similar, i.e., software and services that can be had elsewhere for much less if not free. How can they compete with eBay stores and Amazon zShops? I won’t be attending to find out. Can their product expect to draw more traffic than Google and Yahoo? Don’t need to pay them to use Google, Yahoo, eBay or Amazon….

  • Pau O'H 4/13/2007

    The scam mail arrived to-day in Ingersoll, Ont. Dinner at the Elmhurst Inn, . I think I will pass

  • Doug P. 4/13/2007

    Thanks for putting up this blog. I received my invite here in Toronto Canada just yesterday.

    Lisa – one of the responders here posted a link to an Aussie website that discusses the fact that the Australian government initiated legal action against storesonline.

    I did some digging – apparently the government was successful, and won a reimbursement from them to their scammed customers. Check out the following link:


  • JIM 4/14/2007

    My invite has now come to PETERBOROUGH ON. CANADA with my full name and I must say a very inviting oportunity But what I gather from all of the comments is that the lunch and dinner is sandwiches and the scam is that they try and con money out of you to get your web site up and running You can do all that on your own for basically nothing YOU can sell on ebay no charge to belong just a very small listing fee. AS for making money on google and yahoo & msn (as these businesses where listed in my invitation) they will answer any questions you might have just ask them. My only hope now that I included my email address when making this statement that I don’t get a pile of unwanted emails
    PS looks like if you want a evening out go for it but don’t bring your cheque book

  • Bruce 4/16/2007

    I received my invite (Raleigh, NC) yesterday and was glad to see this site after not being able to locate a company website etc….thanks for the heads up!

  • Pam 4/18/2007

    I too received an invitation today for Hamilton, Ontario – sounded great, until I started looking on the internet for some information. I found one site that said they want you to start an Internet Store – but you need to pay $5,599 for the inventory and then you can start selling, some people have even been scammed after paying the money. That flagged me right there – no way would I attend even for a free meal. This site was also helpful as it confirms that this is one big scam!!!

  • Kim 4/18/2007

    I live in Morris, Minnesota, US. My packet arrived today. These people must be huge to have so many sites going on at the same time. I am glad I found your site. Thanks for the public service web site to warn everyone.

  • Mee 4/19/2007


    Got this lettermail too and wanted to know more about making internet turn into my advantage, I felt unstudied on the matter. So I called to book my seats but the numbers are not working, a strange sound comes up…. Seeing that the numbers were not good, I did a search on the company and like all of you above, I came across this blog and the rip-off website as well. I was glad to read though about someone who actually went. Thanks for sharing BC. Ok, I guess I’ve got a new spot on my agenda! 😉 P.S. Do you know of any other REAL and legitimate GREAT system to learn more about EBAY, GOOGLE….???

  • JannieGirl 4/21/2007

    Hi folks,
    I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario and today I received my invitation. Being as cautious as the rest of you, I tried the numbers to tell them to delete me from their mailing lists. Of course I encountered the same…this box is full….this number is not active. Then it was on to my internet search and came upon all of you. I also hit where this same scam was taking place in Kansas. No website for a so called company which promotes Internet Income Training is one of the biggest laughs I’ve had this year. I sure hope others check this scam out first and find the rest of us here.

  • Mark 4/21/2007


    It’s arrived in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
    A friend of mine received an invitation by mail for these conferences? Letter asked to RSVP by telephone by May 7, 2007, 1-800-748-5839 or 1-800-716-0105

    Travellodge Hotel Ottawa West or Centurion Conference & Event Centre

  • Redneck 4/23/2007

    I already RSVP for this event. Free dinner and free business organizer. Why not?! I’m not gonna give them a dime! LOL

  • lori 4/24/2007

    we recieved this invitation on april 20, 2007. i’m glad i looked at this web site. thank you so much. when something is too good to be true it usually isn’t. thank you again. lbc

  • Heather 4/27/2007

    I just got the identical in the mail in Vancouver. Thank goodness I found this site. I was thinking of going with the absolute intent not to purchase anything from them but hoping to get some information on the day of as I was thinking of starting up my own website. I probably wouldn’t have thought of leaving my credit cards at home…great idea. I knew it was too good to be true but it is so easy to get suckered when you want to believe in something.

  • Rick 5/3/2007

    A friend of mine gave me ‘his’ invitation and suggested we go. I mentioned to him that no one rents a hotel, provides a meal, gifts etc without wanting something in return.

    I was just about ready to go and register until I decided to do my due dilligence and conduct an Internet search.

    This blog confirms my suspictions.

    Nanaimo, BC Canada

  • Doum 5/3/2007

    Hey All,
    I went to the 90 mn meeting in Denver Colorado and I paid $20.00 to attend all day conference on May 12 2007. I am curious to check up but I am not going to pay dimes for that. Thank you all for your information regarding the scam. 🙂

  • Avijit 5/6/2007

    I am in toronto,Canada. I got the invitation and confirmed on going to attend on Thursday May10th with a friend. I would definitely not buy anything,I was just curious to check them out.
    My friend just asked me to check the computer and send some info. Thanks Alan and all of you for your comments. I have changed my mind.
    By the way the other day I attended a similar invitation on Real Estate buying without spending any of your own money. The impression I got from the invitation was Donald Trump would actually deliver the course. Guess what he sent one of his scam artist to do the talking and the guy was definitely trying to do hard sell Donald’s course for approx. $2000.00 . Guess what My friend and I walked out after a while and the man did not like it at all.

  • Bridgit 5/14/2007

    Hi guys,

    Just thought I’d give you the inside scoop since I’ve been to this seminar. Essentially you sit through a 90 minute presentation on affiliate stores. Nothing to do with eBay in fact. They want you to give them $2000 to get a start up package including webspace through their company and then sell products for other well known businesses and corporations through it.

    They give you zero information in the first seminar (or at least nothing you didn’t already know) but ask you to pay $20 to sign up for a second. I didn’t go to the second, since I’m all about the freebies.

    There’s not much pressure though. Or maybe I’m just immune. I was just there for the food.

    The meal was pretty cheap, though..was croissant sandwiches, a small scoop of potato salad and a nanaimo bar, and the organizer is your basic run of the mill dollar store variety, but hey, if I can give you guys a head’s up — It was worth it, right? 🙂


  • Lolis 5/15/2007

    Looks like these people keep going and going! I am in Fresno, CA and I got the invitation to go on may 21, 22, 23 and 26 2007 but this time the gift is an ipod, so I was thinking that I may be sitting listening to a bla bla bla conference but I will get and ipod (well 2 mine and my husband’s 🙂 ), but after all I read here We are not going! They know how to make people interested, they scam people for a living!

  • I went to the seminar 5/21/2007

    I went to the seminar and ate some steak and got a crappy but free mp3 player .

  • Steve R. 5/22/2007

    What type of Mp3 player is it? Can you send me a link of what it looks like. That is all I’m interested in. I’m in VA. and I got the invite with the MP3 player, it has the IPOD shuffle I believe its called on the outside of the envelope. Anyways just wounding what type of MP3 player it is.

  • Steve R. 5/22/2007

    I was looking around and the MP3 player they are giving away is called Flair Music Player. I have two links where you can look at it.

    I think I’ll pass on trying to get anything for free.

  • Betsybo 5/23/2007

    I received my “official” invitation from Mr. Sanderson in the mail today. My husband and I are both interested in getting into internet sales and this initially sparked my interest. However, the sceptic in me was alerted and I googled “ complaints” and came up with your website. Agree with the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true…
    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write with warnings. Chicago appreciates it!

  • Cindy 5/24/2007

    Ditto for me and thanks for posting everyone! Got the SAME letter and offer of MP3 player here in RURAL north Florida! I was also very suspicious of no web address… that led me to this search and these posts.
    Remember what WC Fields said: There’s a sucker born every minute.
    And these guys know it! There is no such thing as free, people. Don’t do it!

  • reenie 5/24/2007

    went to the 90 min conference may 19th for breakfast it was really good in the atmosphere you can get really caught up in the hype our presentor gave out 2 10.00 bills since i was the recipient of one of them i signed up for the 20.00 all day seminar i figure worst come to worst i get lunch for free… really glad i found this websight..will check back after the seminar

  • E Castillo 6/1/2007

    Thanks everyone! It’s 5:14, and I was supposed to go at 6:00. My husband was reluctant (“I’m not feeling well. You go”). I am not an easy pray, but I though I’d learn something and have a nice meal (Yes, a nice Hotel in Chicago).

  • Debby 6/30/2007

    I just received my invite yesterday, to a very rural (and relatively poor) area of Arkansas. What bothers me most, after reading this blog, is that my fellow Arkansans are going to be swept up into this scam when they can least afford it.

    I have half a mind to go down there and hand out printouts from this blog and the ripoff reports and hope for the best. I just wonder, could they arrest me for that?

  • Tony 7/7/2007

    wife was conned just last week, however, I was able to reverse everything, I agree with Debby, everyone needs to alert their TV stations and attorney generals when the bottom feeding scum shows up in your town

  • Sylvia 7/12/2007

    Glad I found your blog as my husband gave a definite NO to attending and the invite was in HIS name. As has what appears to be a reputable website, the program is probably similiar to the one Robt Allen did years ago re getting rich in real estate. Hmmm, I know of no one that attended Mr Allen’s seminar that got rich from his VERY expensive course! Guess my question is: Is legit or part of the scam?

  • Loretta 7/13/2007

    I have gotten that exact same snail mail before! Mine offered all that stuff and something about a drawing for an ipod nano too at the dinner. It went straight in the trash can. Ugh.

  • Fred (alias) 7/20/2007

    I was ripped off for over $6000.00 us. Their web sites take for ever to build and by the time you figure out that they cannot be found by the web browsers to much time has elapsed to go back on them through your credit card company. These jokers have legal action against them in the states of Texas, Utah and Illinois. Not only that, they send in a company they work with called PMI to try and get upwards of $14,000.00 to market (make your website work) and further profit from their larceny. When you get this mailing run and don’t look back!!

  • maggie 7/21/2007

    Well, I received the mailing (addressed to my middle name and correct last name) No idea where they got the middle name, I don’t use it. Today I went to the first free lunch seminar. I wanted to check it out and I did receive the same described croissant sandwich and coleslaw. We had a great slice of pecan pie as dessert, though. So that was nice. The free planner is very cheap looking and I may put it out for my next yard sale!
    The speaker today ( Doug ) – was quite rude and out spoken. I did sign up for the “training” session next week, $20. Cash I paid. This next session must be where they hit you up for the big bucks. I appreciate blogs like this… it is good to be informed. I only read this after the loss of $20. I will see what next week brings. I am glad to be going there very informed and the $20….. well I blow that much on myself at the movies. Maybe this will be entertaining next week.
    God Bless

  • Romina 7/23/2007

    so here it goes: i too got the mailer and went to the first free seminar. now i have been to other seminars before and i knew they were trying to sell something ridiculously expensive so i was prepared to just walk out of there. but then they offered a workshop for $20 and i thought the worst that can happen is that i’m bored all day, since it came with a free lunch. so i checked online to find out about these people and came across this blog last night. i already suspected that there may be something wrong here, but i wanted to know for sure because they can just sweet talk you into anything, they’re trained to do that. so i went, again, prepared to just walk out at anytime. i have to say i was pretty impressed with what they had to say. it was very informative, i’m very glad i went. the lunch was good too, but then i had to fight a bit to get them off my back. earlier that morning i had signd up for a one-on-one consultation, to have all my questions answered. but by the time it was my turn i didnt need it anymore because all my questiones have been answered throughout the day already. now again, i was very pleased with the amount of information they gave you and i definetly felt like it was $20 well spend. but when they tried to pursuade me into buying their product i guess i made them feel a little uncomfortable with my comments. they were trying to find out why i was there and i said it was for the information. but they kept on pushing me until i told them to stop wasting their time. why were they still working for this company if their own websites were doing so great? and that was the end of that.
    so if you want some good information about the internet that might help you with your website, go ahead, take the free lunch and e-bay powerseller cd and run. now i also got the e-mail adress from one of the women who bought the sites, so i will check back with her in a couple of weeks and report back if i find out anything new.

  • Sam 7/25/2007

    Got the mailer at work today in Kennesaw, GA (outside Atlanta) The freebies are the MP3 player, the meals, and the planner. I really don’t feel like wasting my time, but very glad I found this blog. I think I’ll send this to one of the local TV stations and let them have fun with it!

    Thanks again for the blog!

  • Lyn 7/25/2007

    This seems to be spreading across the continent like wildfire! My invitation arrived today, for sessions in Athens and Gainesville, Georgia. As others have said: “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, or dinner . . . ! Buyer beware; you can do better things with your time! And, who has ever heard of a 90-minute “conference”? That alone should raise a red flag.

  • diane 7/25/2007

    it’s here in arizona ! thanks so much to all who have saved so many so much $$$$ by taking the time to send the warning. i definately wont be going, they make it sound so enticing, just like the time share companies with their freebies and high pressure !

  • joe 7/26/2007

    For anyone who’s gone to the presentation and gotten the gift, when do they give that out?

    – At the end of the 90 minute presentation?
    – Before or after the lunch/dinner?
    – Do you have to jump through more hoops to get it?

    I got an invite… I’m thinking of going to get the free MP3 player.

    Responses appreciated!

  • Bill 7/31/2007

    I too received my invite (Whitby, Ontario) on July 25th for local presentation at a nearby Holiday Inn. Will NOT go to these ripoff seminars! Anyone can sell and earn on E-BAY! You don’t need some expensive website and $6k of your hard earned money going down the drain! Crooks!


  • evelyn 7/31/2007

    just got this mailer today. here in tennessee. same spill. thanks to all off these post and this site for the heads up.

  • Jen 8/1/2007

    Got the mailer today in Upstate South Carolina- it did look too good to be true, thank god for the internet-we aren’t going.

  • DANIELLE 8/2/2007

    I just got my invite ( long island, NY) and was thinking of going. thank goodness for the internet. i just started my home-based business and was looking for ways to use the internet. But I will defiently not be attending now.

  • Sal 8/2/2007

    Got the mail here in Phoenix, Arizona. Almost scheduled to attend but then decided to do some research and came across this blog!

    Thank you for this blog. Now I don’t have to waste time and gas getting to this conference.

    Wish someone who attended could brief us on what they do.


  • done my homework too 8/2/2007

    I received the same scam in the mail. The first thing I done was look them up and found this site. Thanks guys. Smart people can smell a rat. The company’s name has been changed several times and have had several law suits and have settled out of court on most. For more information follow the BBB site on “storesonline, inc”.

  • Gill 8/3/2007

    I got the invite and has signed up to attend the one in Toronto tomorrow (Saturday Aug 4). Will let you know what I find.

  • Fred (alias) 8/7/2007

    The storesonline 8 hour extravaganza is in Akron, Ohio today. This is for all the people they convince with the free meal conference.Then for $20.00 they will teach them everything they need to know about the internet in 8 hours a week or two later. In reality they are pitching website packages. When I got taken the scam was $2800.00 plus $2500.00 a year maint. fee. BUT, If you buy that day and if you buy 6 websites you get a deal. A group of 3 for $2500.00 and If you buy 2 groups of 3, each group is 2200.00, Plus $999.00 for credit card processing ++++. The things they down play are the monthly recurring fees for credit cards and monthly hosting fees after 1 year. These all add up.

    Their sites are constructed in such a way that the major search engines can’t find them. After you get going affiliate, PMI calls, and says they will help you market your sites. They told me for about $16,000.00 they could help me with all six of my sites!

    I am currently tracking their movement around the country. If anyone reading this gets an invite please let me know through my email where they are. I really like to know where they are putting on their all day deals. please email:

    Please don’t fall victim.


  • dee 8/8/2007

    All I can say is WOW…. I seem to get these on a regular basis & never went b/c for touting the internet they don’t have a website…Warning bells went off

  • Linda 8/15/2007

    How helpful is the blog?! This is great. I just received an invitation billed as a “Women’s Night Out” Dinner Conference, addressed to Fellow Entrepreneur. It announces a free ticket for me and two guests. The conferences are being held in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Burnaby, North Vancouver and Vancouver) in BC. Like everyone else here, something didn’t add up and I decided to find out more about them. I don’t think I can say anything that anyone else hasn’t already said but there’s a lot to read here and I have read it all – only enough to validate my own suspicions. Thanks Alan for starting this blog. Way to network, folks.

  • Pam 8/16/2007

    They’ll be in Michigan August 28-September 1st (Ypsilanti, Sterling Hts, Dearborn, and Detroit). UGH.

  • Darlene 8/21/2007

    I smelled a fish when I coulden’t locate a company name , sponser or email info. I found your blog when I tried to
    find email info. This crap is going in the trash!

  • Darlene 8/21/2007

    My previous note did not mention that I’m in Michigan.

  • Meghan 8/23/2007

    8/23/07 Rec’d same invitation in SYRACUSE, NY…you know what? I called EACH of the CONFERENCE CENTERS so noted and NONE of them are hosting the conference!!! They had me send the form to the NYS ATTORNEY GENERAL’S FRAUD INVESTIGATION UNIT!
    Good work all!

  • Donna 8/23/2007

    I just received this very same invitation yesterday. I live in Cuba, Mo., a very small and rather low income town. My husband and I are retired and on a fixed income but at our ages we are not looking for work but have cosidered the possibility of selling a few items online. The invitation to Rolla (luncheon) on Fri. Sept. 7th sounded as though it might be a “fun” lunch date. I was getting ready to call and reserve my spot. Afterall, they promise a fun, relaxing atmosphere, right? Yeah, right! However, I had this knawing feeling in my gut that just would not go away. Something stunk!! Wow! I am so very glad I came upon this site while trying to find a website for them. It worries me though that my friends and neighbors in the small towns around here may fall prey to them and be scammed out of what little savings they may have. I am going to discuss this with my husband about turning this letter over to the AG of Mo. and also to the Channel 2 news team. Everyone needs to be aware of these scam artists. Thanks ever so much for starting this blog Alan and special thanks to each of you for contributing your experiences and thoughts.
    God bless!

  • Farhood 8/24/2007

    Hey Guys,

    I got it today. I am not going there. I just wanted to let you know where they are now: Winnipeg, Canada

    they are working hard I guess!!

    Take care.

  • Rob 8/25/2007

    They are here in Victoria B.C. aug 24, 25 2007
    Do the mp3 ‘s work, anyone get one? Anyways..

    Found this link


  • Lisa 8/27/2007

    I’ve received the same invite. I did call and make the reservation. I decided beforehand that I wasn’t buying anything. I know these mailers usually mean they have something to sell. Thought it might be fun to just go with a friend and see how and what they are pushing. Has anyone actually been to one?

  • Belinda 9/4/2007

    FYI, I also received the same invitation and they’ve now reached Regina, SK with scheduled appearances Sept 13-15, 2007. I won’t be attending as I don’t have the time, money or energy to waste on someone’s scam to make themselves rich by preying on others.

  • Too Wise 9/5/2007

    My Wife and Sister in law went to the initial meeting in Vancouver, Canada. They had fun and came home skeptical. I told her it was a scam straight away. My Sister in law’s family told her also that it was a scam straight away also.

    Both ladies went to the subsequent meeting reasoning that it was only going to cost them a tenner.

    They did NO research on the internet first, but they really didn’t need to. I suggested to my Wife that she ask them a simple question. Namely, “If what you are offering is so great, why are you travelling around being a shitty salesman, instead of doing yourself what you are selling?”

    That and many many more questions got only poor evasive answers that earned my Wife the ire of the scam artists. These questions were only allowed to be asked to the presenters in small groups. Doubtlessly a tactic employed by the presenters to minimize the damage done by intelligent and articulate attendees.

    I could go on and on and on … but the story is all too common. Also no doubt, the scammers of will read these words to hone their performance in the future. And I don’t want to be the source of any potentially valuable intelligence that could help them.


    Too Wise in Vancouver.

  • Too Wise 9/5/2007

    Forgot to mention that my Wife saw a number, upwards of twenty people get suckered out of $6000.00 by the end of the day. I am frankly horrified, and expect to see sad tales from these victims on the local news in a few months.

    Too Wise in Vancouver.

  • Susan 9/6/2007

    Warning – they are coming to CT! Invitation in the mail today for Sept 20, 21, 22.

  • Fred 9/7/2007

    Just got mine at work today – in CT 9/20,21,22 your choice of lunch or dinner. Googled C.R. Sanderson for the heck of it and landed here. Wasn’t going but was curious exactly how much damage these guys were doing. Looks like they’re capable of taking a lot money. Hope everyone can avoid it.

  • Wendy 9/8/2007

    I got mine today. The conference will be in South Bend, IN on Sept. 20 for dinner and on Sept. 22 for breakfast or lunch. They are offering a free MP3 player and an organizer.

  • Joy Hillhouse 9/12/2007

    These guys are the “KINGS of SCAM”. Believe me I speak from experience!

    Thank goodness I paid with paypal and paypal helped me get my money back

    At the time they were offering a free packet on “How to make lots of money on eBay” Just pay $4.95 Shipping,,,, well before you could say Jack Sprat they had billed my account for over $150.00

    I have done the research and found that it is the same scam artists.

    Well I have the new invite from them and have a bit of time to kill I am going to take them for the dinner and organizer but mainly to try and warn some other poor suckers.

    My Day for FUN! LOL

  • Paige Marie 9/17/2007

    They are in Minnesota now as well!

    I was a bit late checking my mail, but I too found a pair of tickets from “C. R. Sanderson” (guess he didn’t like Rex anymore) in my mailbox.

    It seems they will be in Owatonna and Fairmont on the 25th of September for one “show” each day, and then in Mankato for two shows on the 26th.

    I guess my scamdar went off as well as the first thing I did was google the website they listed, which was

    The personal note I received from C.R.S. looks the same as the one shown at the top fo this page, though the logo in the lower right is an eBay “Certified Solutions Provider” logo along with the website name.

    Otherwise, most of the stuff is the same… two tickets to a “free” dinner, along with a free (cheap looking) business organizer valued at $39.99, with dinner and the gifts being valued at “over $120”.

    Thanks for this blog… hopefully it will help prevent others from being hooked by these scam artists.

  • Andy B 9/22/2007

    They have just arrived in Preston England Conference in the Park Hall Hotel on the 8th of October.

    Thanks for the Advice. I went as far as asking a friend if they would like to go. Then I did some checking and found your site. Thankfully before I sent them my phone number. We wont be wasting our time going now.

  • Rocky 9/25/2007

    I knew it was to good to be true! Very professional looking letter “Complimentary Dinner Event for Two Enclosed” Learn how to make money online using eBay, Yahoo, Google,MSN etc. Free meal, Free MP3 player(would have liked that) Free admission for two!(I bet you they could charge admission and scam even more money) And much more! The conference was to be held at University Quality Inn 515 North Dixieway, South Bend, IN 46637 This letter collected dust on my roll top desk and missed the conference. Glad I didn’t miss anything. This letter should have went straight into the trash.

  • John Wright 9/27/2007

    Hi Everybody
    As with so many I too have received this ‘wonderful’ invitation! I live near to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the UK. Having done a little research on these ‘generous’ people it appears their previous incarnation was as a company called iMergence and were ‘scam’ merchants who ended up being sued by various states in America and Australia whiich resulted in their having to pay back very large sums of money to customers they had conned.
    Anybody receiving this offer should forward it to their local Office of Fair Trading and notify the local newspaper! Have a great day everybody, John.

  • ron 10/1/2007

    yes iv’e got 1 going for the food,lol .
    they are in the uk on friday oct 12 at the quayside exchange sunderland tyne and wear

    sat oct 13th newcastle marriot

  • October in Cleveland 10/4/2007

    Cleveland — Just got the invitation. Offer is for “you and two guests”. Two conferences are being held: Embassy Suites and Airport Marriott, two very nice hotels in the area.

    Hook is for “Women Entrepreneurs”. PLUS, they will show you how to get twelve months of “O”, The Oprah Magazine. [Wouldn’t you just subscribe? It is not FREE.] They are offering free admission for 90 minute conference; complimentary meal; business organizer; free training and tested internet marketing strategies. “Melissa Butler, Vice President” is signee of letter.

    They do have a website that looks very professional: “”, so they are learning as they go. However, the invite is the same as described above. The pictured organizer looks pricey.

    Envelope touts ” FREE Cleveland Women’s Dinner Conference”. Address given is 754 E. Technology Ave., Orem UT 84097.

  • James 10/4/2007

    In all honestly you all sound like a bunch of freeloaders. Are you all that stupid, to think you can get a free lunch and a free gift and that they would’nt try and sell you something?
    I take my hat off to them, for being as creative as they are. They may be selling something that is overpriced, but then again is it? With all their marketing cost and staff to pay and free shit that they hand out, of coarse they have to sell it for more than it costs. How stupid can people be, you don’t have to buy a thing unless you want to. There job is to get you excited about making money, and if only one person succeeds, gets off their fat asses and gets out there and does something about it, good for them and screw everybody else. I have never gone to one of these meetings, but I take congradulate them in getting my attention.

  • Andrew UK 10/8/2007

    Hi Folks,
    It looks like this system has moved over to Europe and the UK. I received the identical package today Oct 8, 2007, and have reqistered to go on the lecture, as i have a free slot in my diary that night, and it would be interested to hear what they have to say. But will take on board all your concerns and keep my wallet well and truly closed. Will up date you after the event. But thanks for this great blog you never know it might actually be worth while? and i dont work for these guys or any of the companies incase your wondering.

  • tc brigantine,nj 10/9/2007

    They will be in Vineland,NJ on 10-16-07 @Ramada Inn, west Landis Ave and US Route 55. On 10-19-07, Sheraton Inn @ Atlantic City and 10-20-07 @ West Atlantic City, Clarion Hotel. A friend gave me this mailer and it smelled like a fish as soon as I read it. Offer is free meal after a short 90 minute conference by a nationally known instructor. Same name as listed many times above C R Sanderson. I will turn information over to our prosecutors office in the morning along with a copy of this blog. Thanks for confirming . Remember there is no free meal.
    PS In small print… you may or may not get the free “business organizer” depending on the number of attendees and may need to be mailed to you. Yea right.

  • Raya Can. 10/10/2007

    I also received this offer (with my full name on it) it said to call this 1-800# to reserve seats as they “fill up fast”. As they were holding the conferences in the next town over (in 2 hotels and 4 towns over (1 hotel)). I didn’t go (no car), but if it was in Trenton, I may have.

    It sounded like a really nice deal, but i never intended to buy anything as I am pretty poor. I just wanted free stuff lol.

    thanks for posting this (the reason i found it was i was looking up free organizers to see what i came across)

  • Jeremy Grant 10/11/2007


    The Devil is a Liar!

    Thank you all…

    (A young soul who has averted financial danger!)



  • Mike Uk 10/12/2007

    Now in Portsmouth area 16 Oct 2007, had the letter yesterday and typed ” scam storesonlinepro” in Google and what a suprise, it is not a free lunch, who would ever have thought it 😉

  • Louanne 10/12/2007

    They have reared their ugly heads in Dover, DE. They must have several teams out, since it appears that they are in the UK at the same time. Our dates are Oct. 16 and 17. Thanks, everyone, for the warnings!

  • ron 10/13/2007

    well it was this morning but i dicided not to bother going i’m glad i looked it up but i knew deep down it was a con as iv’e also been to some make money from property event also

  • Jamie UK 10/13/2007

    It’s absolutely amazing how people can continue to be cunningly malicious to gain money at any cost and boldy live with no conscious haunting them at all……
    I got the mail this morning and was suspicious about it and like many above decided to check it out..!Wow..truely speaking there’s Nothing for Free………!!
    Thanks for setting this up….

  • Ravi 10/15/2007

    Thanks Alan to make people aware of this scam. You have done a wonderful job. Appreciate your idea of posting the invite on the web. It should be brought to the notice of consumer forum. These free conference, free organizer and free food are baits to attract people to get into this kind of scam. I do not know how many people got trapped in this scam.

    Friends, please be aware that nothing comes for free. You can expect free only from friends and family members and not from the strangers. It is quite easy to tempt people with free gifts and even people with good knowledge be easily hooked up to this kind of scam.

  • EVA 10/17/2007


    My daughter recieved an invetation as well, today. She thought that would be something for me, her ol´mum as I´m the one doing things on internet. I got the red flag lifted as the telephonenumber in the mail did´nt exist and checking the webb the company namne don´t exist???? This is Stockholm, Sweden!

  • Noelle 10/17/2007

    I just got this too and was wondering about it. I’m glad I searched it out cause we almost went last time and were thinking about it this time. I have been taken by too many scams myself (tend to be a bit naive) so I’m so glad I found this blog!

  • Frances 10/17/2007

    Sorry, it seems it is a scam and l will not be taking part tomorow.

    thank you

  • Phosphor 10/18/2007

    Hey, Everyone (you too, Alan!)…

    I’m Phos…. the guy who posted a story about these same scammers on my blog ( that commenter Rob posted in #145, above.

    I don’t know how many of you copy/pasted the link he left, but you may want to go have a read on my story. I’ve been aware of these guys for a long time, and they’ve been scamming since the very beginning.

    Read my story and you’ll discover that I’ve dug up some verifiable and damning info on them. They’ve baan prosecuted for running these scams in at least a half-dozen US states, and Australia, the last I checked. I wouldn’t doubt that there are evn more pending injunctions filed against them.

    And like Alan said, it’s kind of funny—this is a company that purports to instruct people about internet business, yet they’re own marketing and online presence is nothing less than pitiful and laughable.

    Do the world a favor, and warn anyone you knpow who might be targeted for this junk to be aware, to ask questions and to come read the stories both Alan and I have posted, and to follow through on the link I’ve posted in my blog entry.

    Stay vigilant, people, and don’t let the scammers sucker you!

    Lancaster PA

  • Phosphor 10/18/2007

    Oops…I got Rob’s comment number wrong, in my previous post.

    His was #144.

    Incidentally, I found this blog by doing a search on the title of MY blog entry. It lead me to Rob’s post with the link.

  • tralee 10/21/2007

    These people are pure evil. My husband and I, with another couple, attended one of their conferences, just because we had always wanted to try that particular restaurant, and we thought we might actually learn something at the “seminar”. The seminar consists of a 90 minute sales pitch aimed at getting you to sign up for the second seminar, which is an all day affair. We did not sign up, but I looked into it further.

    From what I have learned on the internet, the second seminar is super high pressure one-on-one sales-fest, and people walk out of there having signed contracts for $3000-$12000 worth of overpriced bogus “web services”. The folks at Storesonline start building a custom website for you, but there are unforseen delays.

    Thirty days go by, and still no site — they are very accomodating and apologetic for 30 days. On the thirty-first day, or shortly thereafter, when you are really fed up, they inform you that the tiny clause in your contract states that you could have cancelled within the first 30 days, but now its too late. Meanwhile, you only paid $2000 down and you still owe them thousands, but when these folks extend credit, they immediately sell your debt to a third party. The third party badgers you for payment and the “Storesonline” folks just ignore you. The testimonials that I read are very sad. Many of the people are retired folks, with not much internet savvy, trying to get by. By the way, the organizer is worth about a dollar, if that, and the dinner usually does not materialize.

    Many people told the same story — that they are told that tonight’s turnout was way more than they expected, and the kitchen was not prepared for this many people, so please be a sport and just have this sandwich in a plastic box. Honest to God. The night we went, we got sandwiches in a box. They do it whenever they are at a high priced restaurant. The scary part is that these people are some of the friendliest, sweetest looking folks you could ever meet, and they are so very, very nice to you all evening. There is a special section in Hell, where the humidity is kept extra high, and these people go there when they die (I hope.).

  • FlaLife 11/8/2007

    Just got an invite to one in Pcola fl, im gonna go, its five minutes from my house, i got nothin better to do, and i cant turn down a meal, plus even if they try to sell me something their SOL im a student with no $$ and no credit cards, now whos the CON!!

  • maria 11/13/2007

    Storesonline enticed us into purchasing 3 websites, than sent our way their partner EMS(Imergent) to charge another $7500 for help in constructing and marketing the site. In 1 1/2 year we haven’t recovered even fraction of the money SOL and EMS took from us!!!!!!! One month after purchase and not getting anywhere we asked for refund!!! We are seniors, they lied telling how easy one can make money. There is not such a thing easy use and make money! They continue this marketing techniques in Canada with the same pitch, and getting more suckers like us into their fraudulent scheme.

    Pls. read about Australia action against SOL:
    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking an urgent injunction to restrain US vendor, StoresOnline, from selling its e-commerce software in Australia.;510803406;fp;2;fpid;1

    Australian Office of Fair Trading
    “We warned people against attending the Storesonline seminars. We were extremely concerned that the people attending the seminars would be subjected to an intensive and persuasive sales pitch for a product that was unproven.”


  • Maureen 11/15/2007

    Just received ticket for Women’s Night out in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton PA. Found this site: (

  • huong 11/20/2007

    yep, i live in allentown, and they’ve hit it here! well…thanks to all of you i now know it is a scam, although i am still tempted to go for the free food and something to do. May even decide to tell the others while my sister and i are there that they’ve entered a scam. hmm who knows… Thanks

  • Fred (alias) 11/21/2007

    You know what really works good is to print up a little paper explaining that they are scamming people. Then, after you eat there food, put some in the restrooms and/or hand them them out in person outside the building and chat with people. I think it really gets to these crooks when people who paid $25.00 to go to the all day internet training seminar turn around and walk back in and ask for their money back 🙂

  • Gabby 11/26/2007

    Hi from Sydney, Australia!!!Got my invite today. I thought, too, too good to be true. Did a google search and here I am. I am suspicious of these sort of invitations to free anything and everything but like most of us I want to make money too. Thank goodness for sites like this. Cheers.

  • Teresemichelle 11/26/2007

    Hello from St. Louis, Missouri!! An elderly friend of mine gave me this invitation and I told him that I would check it out online. In my invitation they are offering a free MP3 player “AS-IF” that doesn’t spell S-C-A-M all over it. (smiles) Thanks for blogging folks I know I won’t be wasting my time or money with this scam. Peace.

  • Cassa 11/26/2007

    Well, the coverage has reached Darwin!!
    I’ve said I’ll go but forewarned is a great tool and I’ll leave the credit card home
    Thanks to you all

  • Bel 11/27/2007

    Got my invite today for Hunter Valley and Newcastle Dec 7th and 8th 2007. I was immediately suspect and got online and found this blog. Glad I did. Lets get rid of these scammers. They certainly are persistant.

  • Alyssa 11/27/2007

    I went to this yesterday here in Michigan in Sterling heights and when I came home I looked at a product I had bought in 2000. I had paid over 5k for this website and was trying to figure out if it was Stores online. I saw that it was galaxy mall and I was curious if the number still worked so I called and they answered, ” Hello! Stores Online how may I help you?” and I said What I was trying to reach galaxy mall and she said yes thats us and I said when did you change the name? She answered 2004. I almost had a heart attack!!! I worked with this company and a advanced trainer for months and they NEVER completed my website NEVER published it and NEVER returned my calls. They told me that the trainer was not working there any longer and they didn’t have anyone follow up and take over, BUT they still took my money. So today they told me that because it was never published that I don’t have a website!! I said what !!! SO you are telling me I did everything I am suppose to and paid for it and I GET NOTHING!!!! WHAT THE HECK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE DOING!!! THATS A SCAM IF I EVER HEARD OF ONE!! BEWARE!!! I AM GOING UP THE CHAIN OF COMMAND I WILL KEEP YOU UP TO DATE AS TO WHAT I AM ABLE TO GET OUT OF THIS COMPANY!!

  • Mrs Howard 11/28/2007

    They have arrived in Perth in Western Australia. seeing that we are the most isolated capital city in the world THEY are dead dead keen.

  • Victor 11/28/2007

    Have just arrived back in Brisbane and yes, an invitation to attend Free Highgate Hill Dinner Conference – all the usual stuff BUT the name is now C Kevin Oliver, VP Conference Relations on the invitation letter although CR Sanderson VP is on the little insert thing. Have forwarded it onto Fair Trading for their information.

  • Joyce Allen 12/16/2007

    Hi…we received this in the mail in Kitchener, Ontario a couple years back and my husband and I decided to go. It was at a nice hotel so what the heck. Supper was as described (sandwiches and soda I think), the organizer’s not all that expensive but isn’t that bad…at least not for free. Just don’t dig out your wallet or cheque book. The presenters were from “storesonline”. They offered a full-day marketing seminar where you could learn so much more, so we wrote a cheque for $30 to go to Toronto. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it, so I got a hold of somebody (by email or phone, I can’t remember)and finally got a reply that they would send us tickets for the next one that came this way. I haven’t really pushed to get the $30 back, and it was our fault we didn’t go…but since, I have gotten several more invitations in the mail and keep missing them. I though maybe I could get my $30 back in sandwiches and organizers!…anyway, it was an interesting seminar if you’ve never been to one or heard an internet marketing sales pitch. Like I said, just don’t pull out your wallet. I mean, who can afford $3,000 to start a small business from home anyway?

    It was a cheap night out.

    Joyce Allen

  • Neill Higgan 12/30/2007

    hi guys they made here to Dunedin New Zealand as well I guess they want world domination HA HA but thanks to moving house I missed out and to you guys for put up this site if it save more people then it is good.

    was talking to a friend who went and they got a coffee and sandwich and then was asked to pay heaps for the next one

  • Greg Newell 12/31/2007

    I’m on this site for exactly the same reason every other curious recipient of this email is. I’ve looked at this long list and love how everyone just jumps on the scam bandwagon. From what I can tell, these people are offering legitimate products. It sounds exactly like what happens when you go to Florida and sign up for one of those free vacation packages if you attend their seminar (and they try to sell you time share). They do seem to be charging extremely high for an ecommerce site and I can’t tell if the maintenance fees cover search engine advertising or not. $2500 is not too much for a good ecommerce site but hosting should not exceed $100/month even with high traffic. I’m inclined to go to the conference because I’m actually a web services consultant and know exactly what questions need to be asked. For example, is any of the maintenance fee used for pay per click advertising. Is it tracked and how accountable are you for the results. Can I talk to someone who has purchased one of your packages? Can I see a list of references? There must be hundreds judging by the number of seminars these guys run across the country. How many customers can I expect to show up at my site? How do I improve conversions with your system (buyers / visitors ratio). There’s a lot unanswered here that probably is touched upon during the meetings.

    If I go to this thing, I’ll report back.

  • alias 1/29/2008

    I got a ticket by mail today. Seems they are getten all over the world. I live in Denmark, and the invitation offers dinner or lunch at this very fancy hotel -all for free. To suspicious for me. Thank you for the blog -it helped me on my way googleing for this scam.

  • Denmark 2/1/2008

    Yep, in Copenhagen, Denmark now, same letter, there is a webpage were you can sign on but I doesent seem to work…

    Thanks for the heads-up guys and girls..

    I´ll be going to see the show, I can make my own websites for free so dont worry too much about me 🙂 I´ll check back here with info if there is anything new at the scam-fair…

  • Mark 2/23/2008

    Hey Folks, I just received my invitation for a free dinner and business organizer! I will be attending the dinner on March 6th. I cant wait! I just know this is my chance to turn everything around and get a big expensive car and house. I’ll video the conference and post highlights on youtube. I truly feel that the lord works through brilliant prophets like C.R. Sanderson to help the lives of us poor unfortunate. My only regret is that I only have one life savings to invest.

  • joe chinderle 2/25/2008

    SUPERIOR WISCONSIN, well i just got the mailing sent by c.r.sanderson and to be totally honest i am going. i dont expect much from it besides a free meal and some tips on making money on the internet, but i did call the telephone # that was inclosed and the girl told me that i could find more info at and i did, and the diner and seminar ARE free, and they do have products for sale but you are not obligated to purchase anything at all… people keep in mind that this man is running a business and hes trying to make money just like the rest of us so boo to the naysayers who just scream scam without even checking out the tele # or web site most of the comments above me are just ignorant slander. but ofcourse just like any business dude is trying to make money so the web pages that he has to offer are most likely over priced, so if you want to make some $ on the internet why dont you attend this seminar and then go to your nearest college where they offer computer science classes and put up a flyer saying that youll pay for a student to build you a web page, it will be way cheaper and on top of that the student can use it as a reference to prove their ability… i have two roommates that are only half way done with college and are more than capable of creating webpages, one made one just for fun… but anyway. good luck and God bless.

  • joe chinderle 2/25/2008

    oh also, keep in mind that the person that made this page also makes money on it… every time that someone clicks on the advertisements on the top of the page cash goes into their pocket… i do have one friend that is a computer tech and has multiple computer science degrees and he just started his own “business” on top of his career and im sure that he would be more than happy to make web pages for cheap, way cheaper than you would find anywhere else… and if you were interested in owning a web page or site where you could put those ads on and bring in extra income through you can e-mail me at i wish i could give a reference as to where i got this info but i cant find it… i know i was reading the Duluth news tribune and watching fox news at the same time and i cant remember which one it was… but anyway if youre interested take a look at the potental and then e-mail me.

  • Bob 3/7/2008

    Went to presentation tonight , March 7/08 in Winnipeg, Manitoba , had free meal & free personal organizer. Cost for workshop on March 20 is$50.00 if I pay tonight. Special offer is $199 sign up fee & $24.95 per month , workshop included on March 20/08.
    For Storesonlinepro website, special price of $499.00

    I have many questions before commiting to this.

  • JP 3/11/2008

    Just came back from my FREE lunch today in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have a ‘full day’ seminar Wed. March 19th, Appleton, Wisconsin, at the Paper Valley Hotel. Hey! I won $10, got to stand up front and just hold out my hand. Oliver was there, son-in-law or rather outlaw of Jay Pohlman, founder. Pohlman gave $5,000. (protection money) to Mitt Romney. Guess the DA is showing up in Appleton, along with CH 12, the consumer watch dogs. Their former company Galaxymall made dateline NBC, a few years ago. 😳

  • Leeroy Jenkins 3/23/2008

    A while back my boss told me of this seminar, and how she was trying to get online to sell her herbal crap. She was suckered into purchasing their hosting package via high pressure sales pitch. She spent a couple of thousand dollars purchasing their shitty service. They said that its so easy to get started with their easy web design tools. My boss started crying because it was the complete opposite of what they said, so I offered to do it for her (since I am pretty skilled this sorta thing). I hated to see her cry and figured that it would be a snap for someone of my skill to do… but I found it to be one of the most COMPLEX programs I have EVER worked with! Bottom line, theres a sucker born every minute, and those conventions have a specific demographic — Noobs who want to make big bucks on the net without any understanding of how the internet works. I only wish I could have gone with her to try and stop her. Buyer Beware!

  • Erika 4/4/2008

    Well, their world tour has hit Ottawa, Canada. I received a letter as described above yesterday. Obviously, I will not go, partly because of this site, but mainly because it sounds too good to be true. Nobody gets something for nothing. And if they do get something, it’s usually crap and useless. And as much as a free luch at a nice hotel might tempt me, I will not sit through 90 minutes of sales pitch to be rewarded with a sandwich and a soda.

    They got my mailing address from ebay, no doubt, where I sold a few things a while ago. Shame on ebay for letting this happen.

  • Angela Rancourt 4/9/2008

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Warned off by my brother. No such thing as a free lunch.

  • Susan 4/25/2008

    Heed what has been written!! My intuition got me to read about SOL for the past 5 HOUR!! I went to the initial seminar here in North Bay Ontario. I was skeptical and then my friend and I bought the License # and binder (that is missing quite a few sections from it)for the following seminar outside of the city. Well, I’m out $25.00! Better than thousands!! FYI, my “workshop attendee” congrats letter is the same face as on this page, but with the name Clint Sanderson. Maybe the same person as “C Rex Sanderson”??
    Thanks for reading and Do Beware Cheers

  • Anh Tran 5/20/2008

    Got one today. It offers a free meal and mini mp3 player. Because of this blog, not gonna go. Thanks

  • Otis 6/18/2008

    Got one today for the Atlanta area also offering the free meal and mp3. Such bullshit. Dont go.

  • KAY 6/26/2008

    Got an invite today! Here in Gadsden, Alabama at the Kiwanis Pavillion at Noccalula Falls on the 9th of July, 2008. DO NOT plan to attend. Thanks for all this info!

  • Chris 7/7/2008

    I got my invitation today for the Seattle area. I figured there had to be a catch & am glad I googled the guys name. There were actually 2 names on mine – “C.R. Sanderson” with the same photo you copied here & a guy named C. Kevin Oliver too. Now they are offering a free MP3 player, but everything else seems to be the same.

    Thank you so much for posting this info – I hope more and more people check it out so they don’t get sucked in by these scam artists! The fees you folks have mentioned for the websites are just outrageous! Anyone with a good head on their shoulders can put up an effective website for far less money than they are charging.

    Thanks again for your posting!

  • NotSanderson 7/10/2008

    Took a while, but fun reading all of those entries. Got in my invite today in the Dallas, Texas area and, like the people here who actually have two brain cells to rub together, just did a little internet search for more info and found several sites, this being the most entertaining!

    Couple of thoughts from reading this:

    When faced with such an obvious attempt to put me into a hard-sell situation as this come on is, only the promise of a free meal would get me to go, and figure the rest would be the floor show to go with it. But, then I think how much is my time worth for a sandwich? If I really trusted I would get a decent meal I’d go in a second: I mean, you don’t take any money with you, you don’t risk giving any away. But, knowing this is already working the shady side of the street, I can’t even trust I’ll get anything decent to eat. (And don’t get me started on the free gifts! Most free gifts of this sort, along with those offered with magazine subscriptions, etc, can usually be found in bulk online for something like $1.95 each.)

    I agree with the core comments of the somewhat rude Mr. Chinderle (posts 193, 194) though without all of his strange angry attitude. I don’t think this is, at the core, a scam. I think they will deliver exactly what they promise you if you pay. What they are promising is not worth the huge price, of course. But then a little research such as this will show you that. It’s tasteless and crappy in the way they do it, but not sure how illegal it is.

    Personally, if knew I’d at least get something to eat, I’d recommend everyone who gets one of these letters and knows it is a scam to DEFINITELY go. Let’s fill up those seats with people who will giggle through the presentation and not part with a dollar.

    I set up my own website, found out how to accept credit cards and pay pal, how to do order forms, etc etc, but simply doing online research. There are probably literally hundreds of places on the net giving out great free info on how to actually make a basic website (I type mine out in simple code in Notepad, no special software.) Hit the used book stores computer sections. Tons of great books on how to do this at next to nothing. It will take you some time, but you can do it all for no cost.

    So, my bottom line on it all? I don’t think this is a scam so much as a rip-off, but one that you would only have yourself to blame for getting sucked into. Do some research and build your own site for nothing.

    Good luck all!

  • Huey Shan 7/27/2008

    Seen one of their advertisment in Singapore today.
    Looks fishy when their URL that leads to a registration form and nothing else. No information, no nothing.

    Glad that I did a search and found that they have been doing this internationally and that it is definitely not worth the time and effort.


  • erik 8/1/2008

    you do know what it is the problem you need you own product and their don’t some products you need you need to find it, and it is a big problem to me, I am good with marketing but to be an tried the find products and you stay in computer, i really start hate that, for be honest is to mush and people who has companies maybe work out for then but you have to talk to people all the time over the phone all the time make me be disapoyment if i found a good company maybe I do that the other ways for what i do want to lose time and i do sorry but i don’t nothing good with this people their don’t help you and you mush to have a computer if you don’t have you are out from the game i am tired to looking the good ways for everything i won’t be help no one exect to their do help me, …………………

  • Gary 8/20/2008

    Well got the letter you’re all talking about today in Grand Island, Nebraska. They are offering a free Apple Ipod shuffle with dinner. It says in the small print attendees will get a mail in coupon to redeem for 1 GB ipod S&H not included. PT Barnums’ words still reign true that there is a sucker born every minute. Obviously people continue to buy into this scam. It is just further proof of the idiocracy in our judicial system to allow ppl to continue to be scammed town to town by a leech like Sanderson. Thank you for opening my eyes to this before I too became a statistic!

  • Cathy Romine 8/23/2008

    Millions of people daily search the internet in hopes
    especially with todays economy for a way to make a few
    extra dollars and many in hopes to work from home full-time.
    We all know the sad facts are their are vultures all over the net
    and everything seems to make you dig in your pocket book
    in order to even learn some of the simple steps of what it
    actually takes.

    Hype is huge – Shattering so many’s dreams daily – yes
    approxiamtely 95% fail and it doesn’t have to be that way.
    Included in these statistics are the people who do listen
    to some of these promises to join one of these businesses
    most times called programs, 2 X, 3 X matrices where they
    will fill your downline for you.

    Guys wake up! Sit on your wallets – Find the people who
    actually will show you the correct way to market and I will
    be the first to tell you that you can’t simply join any business
    on the net and do nothing! My motto is “Build it and they will come”
    its true – What are you willing to do to Build it?

    I’ll tell you the truth. My website is free to look at – I
    return my emails – I have just opened a brand new social
    site – not to bring in money but to teach you the basics
    for free of internet marketing.

    So before you attend these seminar’s where more than
    likely you will fail or have to spend money because you
    are so overcome with the hype – Search the net- Get
    the facts – educate yourself.

    Cathy Romine on the net is your friend and I
    do have programs but I won’t ask you for a dime
    to help you.

    My reason for posting here is to help others the way
    when I was a newbie was taken total advantage of
    and lost $14,000 in 3 months.

    Again, sit on your wallets – Don’t believe 99% of what you

    Good luck to all thats willing to work to make an
    internet income – You can – You have to want to!

  • nemo 8/29/2008

    They can feed me, not getting any money from me though. They couldn’t get any if they tried. Also, I have no plastic numbers to give them. So, let them feed me for a lunch, no problemo.

  • Bra 10/1/2008

    I just got an invitation too. mine says you get a free IPod Shuffle. Does anyone know where they get your fricken info? Was it something you signed up for? It’s driving me crazy because I trying to trace back if I signed up for something like this.

    Anyone know?

  • It's in Brampton, ON, Canada 10/7/2008

    I received my invitation today. I live in the Greater Toronto Area. I am happy to see so many responses. We receive so many phone calls and mailings of similar scams that I will never approach one again.

    Unfortunately, I did go to a similar seminar in the past. It was about traveling. Yes,it was 90 minutes long, and promised free gifts, yada, yada, yada. The gift you received only if you signed up. They wanted me to pay an incredible amount per month so that I could choose any desired location to vacation. It seemed to TIme Share. My husband and I refused to give them a dime. In a matter of seconds, our presenter went from sitting up nice and straight with a beautiful smile on her face to sitting so low in her chair, we could barely see her. She quickly became a miserable witch. In order for us to be excused, we had to sit and wait for the “boss” to dismiss us. We waited over 30 minutes…There was only one Exit door and it was guarded by several, intimidating employees.

    Needless to say, we learned my lesson. I warn everyone!
    I’ll never go to one of these sessions again.

  • Rose 10/14/2008

    received mine yesterday.. haa not going for sure! they have a picture of an ipod shuffle, but in small writings says it’a a flair mp3 player. waste of time! thanks guys!

  • Alfred 10/26/2008

    I got that stupid thing on the mail for a conference in Toledo, OH. For a second i actually considered attending because I though they got my address through Windows Live (i have a Microsoft small business site). But on googling it I now know better, thanks guys.

  • Nicky 11/2/2008

    I got my invitation in Calgary and I called them and gave my info which I shouldn’t have, I didn’t recieve any email from them. How did they know my postal address anyway? So I’m guessing it is a scam and I should have looked online first!

  • B 11/10/2008

    Oh my oh my…. I must say this has been interesting and I have a feeling reading this was more interesting than it would have been going. My husband received these tickets today and admittly both him and my son were ready to go just for the free Ipod… after I could handle 90 minutes for something I spent 89$ on last Father’s day to buy my husband. However, after reading the letter (which by the way was signed C. Kevin Oliver) I also read the fine print and found its still not free. Must pay S & H. Also I explained to him about the “free” dinner (sandwhich and coffee or drink) he laughed and said it’s so not worth it.Thank you for having this site!

  • Joyce Allen 11/17/2008

    Hi…got my invite in October in Kitchener. There’s nothing really fishy, they just don’t tell you what you’re in for exactly. Yes you do get a free lunch, dinner, whatever, and yes it is sandwiches and maybe some carrots and dip (I can’t remember). My husband and I went to the one with the free organizer which you do get on your way out, so I don’t know whether you’ll actually get the MP3 player or it will be mailed to you. And yes, they are selling their services in the end (they do have a website and their website packages are extremely pricey…$33x.00/month) so I surely won’t be signing up. The seminar wasn’t totally boring for my husband who’s never actually thought too much about an internet business…it was interesting, a night out….just make sure you can get out the door without the $3-4,000 package and soak up all the info you can if you are considering an internet business.

    Maybe I’ll go to the MP3 one just to see….

  • Shannon 11/17/2008

    Whoa!! I was just doing a little research to get my storesonline business going and I am in shock!! I thought that we signed up for something good here, and I find all this negative feedback!! Tell me please, if anyone knows anybody that has any kind of success with this program. Or are we out 6000!! Man do I feel stupid!!

  • Brady 5/26/2009

    Hi i’m only 13years old and they sent it to me?

  • Loved-it-then-canceled-it 10/20/2009

    got to their first meeting for free with lunch, then paid for full-day seminar for U$48. … and went with 2-other guys. the other guys loved it and wanted to buy their Platinum Pro series for 6500.00 which offer unlimited web-sites to operate for just 30.0 per month for ea to be hosted.

    we asked if all-3 could share the same account, since it included unlimited “storesOnline Pro” series with full SEO. the Rep said, ok! then asked the rep for a specific need so would be able to list items in multiple portals and be able to use an instant-duplication option which the Rep confirmed their system is capable to do… and gave us 7-days to cancel for full refund. we bought it to include 3-pre-made web sites, one for ea guy,…

    went home played with it. and contacted the online messenger and found out does not do what asked for!!

    the SEO functions were fine, the need to be operated by the user and are much better than anything else i have seen since it works right off the site and items being listed. their SEO tools lets you look for the top performer on any given keyword and helps you figure out what they have done and lets you follow the lead! … making the long story short, before the 7-days elapse, another guy said that he can not figure it out .. and wants to cancel … so we called and got refund a few days later. to get the refund, it took some time to explain, and somewhat hard to get through that process. but was issued complete.

    looked it online at a few sites and noticed there have been many complains… but found out that one of those rip-off report sites is an scam all by itself!! and the founder being challenged by authorities … also, noticed that the rip-off report site has the storesOnline explanations on top — perhaps due to legal pressure from them.

    I think if one has the time and could commit themselves to do efforts, could get this through and do a fine job, and even start selling websites and charge set-up fee and collect monthly fee’s of 50-100 per month! And even charge SEO for ea website too !

    In my opinion, most of the Negative feedbacks or complains were about those who wanted something very simple to use and effortless.

  • Antony 2/10/2010

    1. I want to work online ..

    There are some thin if the legitimate work as a line there. Most are sites and marketing study for the site owner rich, not you. The only thing is true legitimacy Ebay, selling things you already own

    2. Many companies all over the world need your opinions on their products. They will send you a simple online survey forms, where you need to fill it out and they pay you money.

    The most remarkable thing about this paid survey program is that anyone can make money with it. It doesn’t require any special skills, training, education or previous business experience. You only need access to the Internet and basic typing skills. It is the perfect home business for stay at home moms, students, home makers, retirees or anyone that is in need of some extra cash.

  • Anne 3/31/2010


    I got my invitation in the mail today and I have decided to attend. I’m 18, and I am currently a business student so I’m curious to see what they offer. I am taking my dad with me, who is a sensible man, so I am not afraid that we will be sucked into their scam.

    We’ll be going with a plan not to purchase anything. I’m looking forward to the free dinner and the free mp3 players 🙂

    I’m glad I checked this website before attending. Now I know what to expect and my dad and I can plan ahead on how to avoid their shenanigans.

    Thank you to everyone who posted their experience!

    I’ll let you all know how it turned out.

  • Hiro Nakamura 10/14/2010

    Hi Alan,
    The Golden Rule has again been activated by you. To bad storesonlin.con (yes, con)does not comprehend the Golden Rule. What would Buddha say about these people who run storesonline.con?
    Thanks for this site and thanks to all the people who have commented.
    It is time to stop companies that prey on people because of difficult economic times. Your site is a start.
    We who come from different lands and different languages and cultures thought America was something
    wonderful… it really is but something is clouding that image. Could it be that Greed has replaced God?
    As Buddha says a change starts with one individual.

  • Lisa 4/1/2011

    They must have read your posts. lol. They have a website now. They are promoting a netbook laptop to the first 50 callers. The address on the envelope 1303 N. Research Way, Orem, UT, 84097. We all need to report their scams & demand Utah to close them down. Maybe the feds for internet scams.

  • Rolanda Mcquary 7/4/2011

    Good article. I appreciate your writing style!

  • Liliana Pappalardo 8/15/2011

    I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your forthcoming updates.

  • Ursula Kirkpatric 9/15/2011

    Useful information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and best of luck.

  • freelist 8/27/2013

    that’s right, you don’t get something for nothing. What a scam when things like this happen.

  • Cora 6/25/2014

    This post is really a nice one it helps new net users, who are wishing in favor of blogging.

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