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Internet Access As A Budget Necessity

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It wasn’t too long that when it comes to Internet access most of us would put it into the same category as the cable TV service. Basically, it’s nice to have but not necessary. I was then watching some conferences today discussing how it’s just a matter of time until everyone is connected to the Internet. This then brought up conversations how you pretty much need to consider this service as essential to flourish.

I know for myself, nowadays I almost consider Internet access as like electricity for a house. I mean technically we all can live without the need of power, but it’s like everything is designed to have it. There are even companies nowadays that require people to access websites to do things such as payroll. In some ways I consider it more integral then the traditional landline service where the two have kind of swapped.

It’s interesting too as while I was doing that welfare challenge they mentioned that people budget a little over $20 a month for phone service to try and find a job. I am almost inclined to say like with that having access to the Internet provides way more opportunities as even for jobs a lot of companies nowadays say apply online only. Does anyone feel it’s not a necessity yet where it’s a priority of your monthly budget?

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