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Instant Bank Solicitation When You Have Money

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Something funny happened today as I got a call from my bank all of a sudden asking me if I wanted to invest in anything. At first I was wondering why they all of a sudden did this and then I remembered that I had deposited a large sum of money into the account to be used for a large purchase.

The interesting thing was how the person sounded like he was calling because they were worried that my money wasn’t being maximized and all. In reality even I know most likely they saw it as an opportunity to generate some income. It’s kind of crazy I thought at the same time at how fast a bank could solicit its clients like that where it’s like they can freely just look at every account and decide who to target.

I suppose you do give up your privacy in that sense if you use a bank in general and there is not much you can do about it. Unless we all want to put our money under the bed mattress or in piggy banks still.

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