Income Aid Can Make People Lazy
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Income Aid Can Make People Lazy

I was watching this clip about a person who was using some kind of government income assistance program and as well he mentioned that he was unemployed by choice. When asked if it has been hard trying to find a job he simply stated that it was better to be unemployed as the money he was getting from government was more than if he worked at Walmart.

While I don’t doubt that there are people who genuinely need things like these, I’m actually not too shocked that a person would have that kind of mentality since the option is there for them to take advantage of. I suppose in some ways this notion can be true too where if you knew that there was a source that will help you out financially during a money predicament you will not learn to be as frugal or responsible with your money as you should.

Because of things like this, I have adopted a mentality in the beginning not to borrow money for things if I can’t afford them through my own efforts. Like in the above person’s case, if I was in that situation someone would have to try and force me to go on an income assistance program as I would rather work at a minimum wage job if need be.

Just having things handed to you at the same time is robbing yourself of a lot of skills and experience too I’d say which in my mind is very valuable on its own right. Like with financial management. Sure, you can be super organized using a lot of programs, following the best practices of experts and so fourth. But until you try and learn to earn, spend and budget without having a reliance on others, that includes borrowing money from say a credit card, you will never truly grasp the concept of financial independence I’d say.

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