Impulse Grocery Shopping
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Impulse Grocery Shopping

While walking past a neighborhood the other day I knew that around the area was a place that sells grocery for very cheap. So, I decided to take a look at what they had. As you can see, they had things like watermelon for one dollar. Yes, one dollar. Everyone’s reaction when they saw it was pretty much the same and many began to phone others to tell them about the deal.

I wasn’t planning to buy any groceries but this was really close to getting me to impulse buy it as it seems too cheap. The only reason I didn’t as I had plans and didn’t want to drag a watermelon around with me throughout the day. Impulse shopping groceries is one of the only things I don’t really mind doing in these kinds of circumstances since they always say you should eat a variety of foods to stay healthy.

I find that shopping and planning your meals based on the deals you find not only helps financially many times but it keeps things interesting meal wise. Although, it can get bad if you start buying bulk deals that you have no real intent in finishing or that you will be forcing yourself to consume more than you need. In that case, it’s not really a good deal. This shows how many great deals you can find if you change your shopping mindset. People are usually only this curious to bargain hunt for non-essentials and maybe doing it for your everyday grocery needs can start saving you a lot of money.

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